Encinitas/San Diego Summer

As part of our summer routine–we made a quick trip out to San Diego in early July to visit Nonni and Nonno, play at the beach, and just hang out with good family and friends.  We didn’t take nearly enough photos but I’ve selected a few good’uns for posting below.


Sorry DL Flight 833 DTW-SAN. Elsa is 1 and likes to stand on tray tables. Its the lesser of two evils. Either stand on a tray table or scream. (OMG).


At the Bay Club pool. Bjorn loved his little inner tube and Elsa was content just climbing up and down the first two steps of the pool.


Naptime. Nonni & Nonno got us a room at the Bay Club so we wouldn’t have to fight traffic on the Fourth of July and could watch fireworks on the San Diego bay.


Sandcastles are hard work. Especially when you have a sister who’s mission in life is to destroy them.


Elsa fell asleep while watching fireworks on San Diego Bay. Not pictured, Nonno getting pooped on by a seagull as soon as the fireworks started.


Cardiff State Beach


Nonno & Elsa wading in the waves at Cardiff State Beach

Captain Bjorn

Captain Bjorn. The boat stayed anchored in the slip the entire time.

The Pacific was unseasonably warm (even for July!) so it was great beach weather and we headed down there frequently.   It is tough work going to the beach with two small children, let me tell you.  Bonus–both kids were generally pretty exhausted at the end of the day and Bjorn even put himself to bed.

We also made a quick trip up to Los Angeles to visit my grandparents in Glendale, some friends related to my boss at a Bowling Alley in Burbank, and also we got to meet Baby Lauren of the Geoff & Cheryl genes. (that was a busy day but so so so well worth it).  The kids were champs that day–although they were a bit of a hot mess on the ride home.  Totally warranted a stop at McDonalds for a milkshake.

Speaking of milkshakes–there’s a new In n’ Out in Encinitas (walking distance from my parents house).  We went there only two times–but it was glorious.

We’ll be back, Encinitas.

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