A Pause

I cannot stop thinking about an acquaintance–not someone I knew well at all–someone on the extreme periphery in my life. We were pen pals a long while ago, she was nice and kind, we found each other on Facebook and it was so easy to continue “staying in touch” by just observing each other’s lives.

On Wednesday at work, I started seeing her tagged in a large number of posts, all indicating that she had died. Immediately I thought it was a tragic accident–she was hit by a car or perhaps she had been sick and didn’t disclose it online. As more information came out, it turned out that she had taken her own life and left behind three small children.

In my life, I have been sad and I have been depressed. It is so so hard to find your way out of the darkness and its just as easy to mask it if you don’t want others to know how you’re suffering. I just wish this beautiful girl who was always so kind and nice in her letters and whose photos all showed signs of a happy family with happy children had received the help she needed. I cannot stop thinking about her daughters and son–who are old enough to understand. Tragic and heartbreaking.

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