365 Days Later…..

Elsa turned one a few weeks ago. Can you believe it? I can’t. Technically speaking, I no longer have a baby. That’s a little sad for me because I don’t think I see any more babies in our family’s future. I read something somewhere that described this feeling of familial completeness like “we just don’t feel like we’re waiting for anyone else to arrive to the party”. And, let me tell you, a party it is at the Jensen house.

Here are a couple of photos of our lovely, free-spirited, sleep-challenged one-year old.


Elsa the Loud


Most of this cupcake ended up on the patio for the ants to eat or in Elsa’s hair. Elsa seems to be a little “blase” about it all.


Bjorn was more excited about the cupcakes than Elsa.


Both our kids got sick with a random summer illness. Not gonna lie–it was probably the most peaceful day in our house in the last year.


Practicing stepping.

Its so hard to find time to document some of the silly or frustrating or silly + frustrating things she does now.  I’m going to attempt that here:

  • When she wants a binky or a bottle she says “mamamamamamamamamamama”
  • If you ask her “where’s the fan” she will point at pretty much anything and sometimes she will actually point at the fan.
  • Elsa LOVES going to Gretchen’s House.  It is literally the only place where she leaps out of my arms into teacher Leanna’s arms and just snuggles in for a good cuddle every morning.  They seem happy to see her, too….?  Her Gretchen’s House name is Elsa Earth.  (My two readers may remember that Bjorn is Bjorn Banjo).
  • She loves to eat black olives, quesadillas, peaches, yogurt, corn, macaroni and cheese, applesauce, cottage cheese, cheese.   Only time will tell if we get as picky an eater as our first child.
  • Her favorite toy appears to be my wallet. She will literally find my purse, and dig through it, until she can get to the blasted thing.  Then she will proceed to take everything out of it.  Going to have to find a better way to store my cash….
  • She loves Bjorn until she doesn’t.  Then she beats him.  This girl takes no slack.
  • She rocks a faux hawk when her hair dries right after getting out of the bathtub.
  • Her “best friends” to parallel play with are Kate, Minna, Rosemary, Annabelle, Van Man, and Ryan.
  • She climbs with no fear of falling.  This doesn’t always work out for her.
  • We will have to babyproof with this child.  We never had to with Bjorn.  Brave new world.  I come into the bathroom to find toilet paper rolls all pulled out and q-tips everywhere.  I’ve been gone for thirty seconds and she pretty much just goes for the glory and destroys everything.
  • We wish she would sleep through the night….
  • Bjorn calls her Woowee (Woo-Weeeeeee). We are not totally sure how this nickname came about but we think it has something to do with the fact that he used to scream “woo!  woo!  woo!” in her face when she was an infant.  Sadly (for Elsa) we all have started to call her Woowee.

I feel much better now that I’ve documented all of this.  I know that I think I’ll remember it all but I invariably won’t.  In fact, I should not be held accountable for remembering much of ANYTHING from the past five years.  Its all a blurr of craziness and fun and sleep deprivation and love.  Thank goodness for photos and blogs (when you keep up with them).

We are looking forward to more adventures and milestones to document–including our upcoming road trip to go camping in Maine with the Wayfaring Waldos.  Are we both crazy?  Simple answer:  Yes.  Camping with two five year olds and two one year olds?  That is ill advised but we are up for the challenge. I am sure that Elsa will be happy to add Henry & Grace into her arsenal of friends.  Also: Lobster rolls.

Also, another post soon about our trip to San Diego to visit Nonni and Nonno and go to the beach ad nauseum earlier this summer.

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