The Canary in the Coal Mine

If we are to gauge our lives and parenting capabilities by how we have influenced our children to be contributing and conscientious members of society, we must also gauge our musical tastes but what our toddler’s favorite non-child songs are.

So, it is with great regret, that I admit that Bjorn’s favorite song is “Call Me Maybe”.  We have watched the video on YouTube…and also the many parodies that the song has provided.  A personal favorite is Share it Maybe by the Cookie Monster.  In any case, a conversation between Lars and I happened wherein we realized this was a silent plea for help from Bjorn (he may not know it, yet, but it totally is!) and we are now determined to improve our music tastes in front of our impressionable little lamb.  Current songs/albums on my rotation include:

  • Scars on 45 (“Hearts on Fire” and “Give Me Something”, the two singles are fantastic melodic brit pop at its best).
  • The new Keane Album, Strangeland.  More brit pop amazingness…(I swear I’m not trying to turn Bjorn into Morrissey).
  • Rediscovering some great old Jimmy Eat World albums.  Bleed American Track 7 in particular (If you don’t, don’t); and the entire album of Futures.  I haven’t been very invested in their recent efforts but these two albums.  So good.
  • Bon Iver is continuously on repeat.  I can’t stop myself.  I need my heart to break.  Oh, Michicant!
  • …speaking of Bon Iver, there is a great cover of Skinny Love by a British artist named Birdy who also covers some other really great songs, including 1901 by Phoenix and The District Sleeps Alone Tonight by the Postal Service.

….also, I am really really  (really) excited about the new Killers album.  It has been a long four years.  I know it has been four years because I remember listening to their last album on our honeymoon in Hawaii, nearly four years ago.  That is too long, Brandon Flowers!  No more solo projects for you, please!

What are you listening to?  Do you have any recommendations to improve our repertoire?

Love from the Mitten.

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