Backyard Entertainings

When it hasn’t been hotter than hell in Ann Arbor, we’ve been doing little get togethers in our lovely backyard with family and friends.  It has been a great way to enjoy good company, where out the kids from playing together, and cook for a large group.  Thus far this summer we have entertained with burgers, pesto (using basil leaves from my very own basil plant, thank you very much!), tacos, spaghetti (not really backyard food but it worked), and these amazing chicken kabobs that I found on They were so good delicious and easy–it required a little planning because we marinaded them overnight–but it was worth it.  Honey, soy sauce, garlic (that you don’t even have to dice!) and vegetable oil.  Seriously, it does not get easier.  Serve with rice and a watermelon salad.

When its too hot to even be outside (and this has happened a couple of times this summer) we look for light fare that we can whip up inside.  Recalling my need for something citrusy, I decided to try Giada’s Lemon Spaghetti Recipe.  This was good–because it had lemon–but bad because I could not figure out how to get the Parmesan not to clump up with I mixed the sauce in with the noodles.  I think I must need to have to wait a while to blend the two because there were just big clumps of Parmesan in the pasta and I think it was supposed to be a more subtle tasting.  Truly, cheese makes anything and everything better but not in clumps in my lemon pasta!

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