Dinner for the Week Ahead: February 5, 2012

Nothing new this week. But well planned out and I was even able to shop at a Trader Joe’s in a record 15 minutes while Lars and Bjorn waited in the car.  The only casualty was zucchini for Tortilla Soup (which, I might add, was on the VERY TOP of my list but somehow I missed it).

  • MONDAY:  Tortilla Soup
  • TUESDAY:  Tofu Tikka Masala Stir Fry
  • WEDNESDAY:  Spaghetti
  • THURSDAY : Leftovers
  • FRIDAY:  Wild card

Next weekend we are going to Frankenmuth with the intrepid Mudies to spend a couple of days at an indoor waterpark in Michigan’s Little Bavaria.  Are you jealous?  You should be.  Have you seen Bjorn in goggles?  Yeah–it is reason enough to go to a water park just to have him wear goggles for a majority of the daylight hours.  A-dorable.

2 Responses to “Dinner for the Week Ahead: February 5, 2012”

  1. Kelly says:

    I am seriously so impressed that Bjorn wears goggles. He is a rock star.

    Have you explored the wonderful world of grilled cheese sandwiches? The possibilities are endless. And it’s easy to add a veg or soup on the side.

  2. megan says:

    The power of the grilled cheese is a power I cannot resist. Which reminds me, I actually found an amazing book filled with grilled cheese recipes (!!!!!). Its kind of sacrilegious to follow a recipe when making a grilled cheese–but its still great to know that there is a defined 50 methods of doing it! The top reviewer (Karen) for this book is relatively high-larious when describing her grilled cheese adventures, too.

    ….and now I’m hungry.

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