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Selective Love of the Color Green

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Being green is big around our house—and not in the environmentally friendly kind of a way.    Bjorn is obsessed.  This is difficult for a family that bleeds Maize and Blue in such close proximity to Michigan State (because everything boils down to college rivalries).  In any case, we’ve found ourselves in some pretty interesting situations that involve the color green.  For instance, if you pour milk into a lovely blue cup, it is rejected outright.  It is only worth Bjorn’s digestive track if it comes straight from the green cup.  At the Chelsea Tree House (this lovely indoor park in Chelsea, Michigan), there are these rings that you can swing from in multiple colors.  Bjorn will not swing.  He will only hang.  From the green hoop.  Sometimes we let him pick out Dada’s work shirts…and let me tell you, Lars has been wearing a lot of green, lately.

Here is a picture of him in his favorite shirt:  bright green with a frog wearing sunglasses.

Bjorn at the Ball-Machine at the Hand's On Museum in Downtown Ann Arbor. He would eventually gather every single green ball and put them in his bucket. Everyone has to have a mission.

Of course, green is a color of selective love.  Does he like broccoli, zucchini or [insert name of any vegetable here]?  No.  Does he like green shampoo?  Nah.  Here he is in a few non-green moments:

Ready for a day on the town with Mama. This is his "say cheese" face. Beautiful, no?

Bjorn assisting with Miracle Chicken Tortilla Soup in the kitchen. He would eat PB&J for dinner despite his culinary aptitude.


Born-Again…Dinner for the Week Ahead: May 13, 2012

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

Everyone knows the best way to celebrate finals is to get summoned for federal jury duty in Detroit, right?  Its like the universe knew exactly what I wanted, bundled it up in a nice little official document and mailed it to my house.

I have not been asked to report, but I have been “on-call” for the past week.  I have to call every night at 6pm and check to see if I am to report to the US District Court in Detroit (about an hour away) by 7:45am the next morning.  Now I am all about civic duty but ugh. So much ugh about this situation.  I can’t tell you how awful it is to constantly be preparing for two scenarios every day.  In one, I am doing business as normal in an already chaotic time at work.  In the other, I am preparing to delegate all tasks in case I am put on case.  I almost wish I could just get assigned in order to stop constantly prepping for both of these cases. I’m on call through next Friday.  Worst case scenario will be if and when on Thursday night when I call-in to check and see if I am to report, they tell me that I need to come in and then I get assigned to a case.  Blech.

But we are trying to get back to something normal…and trying to get more organized.  Enter the re-birth of dinner scheduling, although you won’t see much in the way of anything new…

Saturday May 12 (rogue entry):  Burgers on the Grill

Sunday May 13:  TBD

Monday May 14:  Kung Pao Chicken

Tuesday May 15:  Mock Chicken Tortilla Soup

Wednesday May 16:  Leftovers

Thursday May 17:  Red Pepper & Onion Fettuccine

…and so it goes.


Good Times, Mediocre Photos

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

A couple of photos from the past month.  We’ve been out and about in Ann Arbor with friends and took a sojourn to Chicago to show Bjorn the definition of a “big city” (ie, not Ann Arbor).

Michigan Boy

He looks so innocent, right? He was running to head butt me in the face.

Bjorn (white shirt), Yassen (blue shirt) and Morgan (yellow shirt) running along the path lining the Huron River at the Arb.

Exploring the banks of the Huron River at the Arboretum

This photo was ridiculously hard to take and turned out only sub par. Anyway---here are Bjorn and I at the Cloud Gate in Chicago's Millennium Park.

Skyscape, Scandoscape

At the window washing exhibit at the John Hancock building.

Tulips blooming at the Lurie Garden in Millennium Park

Gardens adjacent to the Art Institute of Chicago