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A Diet Soda for Men. Men!

Friday, October 14th, 2011

A long while back, I was confused.

I was confused about the slogan for Diet Dr. Pepper versus regular Dr. Pepper. Does anyone remember this:

“Diet Dr. Pepper tastes more like regular Dr. Pepper”?

Well, I somehow bastardized this slogan in my head to read “Diet Dr. Pepper tastes more like regular Dr. Pepper tastes like itself”. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!? In my mind, though, it was. So you can see how I was confused wherein it came to slogans related to soft drinks.

Just when I thought I had a handle on it all (after a brief crazed summer I was obsessed over the novelty of fortified Diet Coke–which happened to be just an addition of zinc to the chemicals already in place) Dr. Pepper does it again. Dr. Pepper 10. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS BULL HONKEY? A soft drink for men only? Or at least marketed that way? I would like to know the man who thinks it is okay to drink Dr. Pepper 10 but not drink Diet Coke because it is a diet drink. Then I would like to punch him in the face.

….I would feel a little guilty about this so afterwards I would probably give him a Diet Dr. Pepper because it tastes more like regular Dr. Pepper tastes like itself. OH GOD I REGRESS.

But seriously–are we really going down this marketing path? I’ve been wrong before. I mean, I never thought skinny jeans would take off. I’m still angry about that, btw. Mainly because I think I would love them if I had the figure for them–but alas, I do not.

This just goes to show you I’m not made for marketing. Or Diet Dr. Pepper. Or Dr. Pepper 10 (I don’t think I’m legally allowed to drink Dr. Pepper 10 because of that pesky extra X chromosome, actually). Guess I’ll just stick to coffee and tea.


Saturday, October 8th, 2011

Okay so first there were Larsisms and now there are Bjornisms. That’s what happens when we Jensens acquire language.

A few random scenarios from our household…

Exhibit A: Bjorn takes a partially eaten piece of french toast/macaroni & cheese/apple/some food product out of his mouth and gives it to whoever is sitting closest to him and says “Happy Birthday”. What?

Exhibit B: Bjorn likes to “play games” and by that he means he likes to play catch upstairs in mommy and daddy’s bedroom. He seems to not understand the difference between tickling and tackling because Lars will tackle him when he catches the ball–but when Lars catches the ball and I tell Bjorn to go tackle daddy, he goes after him and says “TICKLE TICKLE”.

Exhibit C: “I’m using that!” is big. So much so that when he was cuddling in bed with Lars and I, when I put my head down on my pillow (for which he is on the other side of the bed), he says “No, Mommy! I using that!”. He also does the same to Lars when he is pushing the mower in the backyard. I wonder if he’ll be wanting to use that when he’s a surly teenager.

Whenever we hear these little tidbits coming out of our two year old’s mouth, we wish we had a video camera going. Its just not the same when we try and get him to re-enact them for documentation purposes (and, truthfully, its nearly impossible to get him to do anything that we want him to do)…hence the lack of photos or video on our website, lately . Also, we are lazy.

A College Town in Autumn

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

I’ve been chatting a lot with my sister-in-law, Katie, in Denver, about how amazing Michigan is during the fall months.  Truly its magical.   If you don’t believe me, you might believe Tim Allen and the genius that is the “Pure Michigan” ad campaign:

There’s no place I’d rather be than Michigan during the autumn months–and within Michigan, Ann Arbor is just magical.  The start of football season, the leaves turning colors on an old and beautiful university campus, apple orchards, pumpkin picking, crisp fall weather and heart warming soups for dinner.  Truly–nowhere but here is where I want to be.

Bjorn is reaping the benefits of this rich college environment.  This is partially because Lars and I have successfully brainwashed him (Go Blue!).  Whenever we pass the Big House (which is often since we live a mile away) he chants “Big House, Go Blue!” or “Michigan!”.  He currently likes to pretend he’s a member of the Michigan Marching Band by “playing” a trumpet/vase and marching around the house.  He also loves (LOVES) the Michigan Drum Major.

Seeing the Michigan Marching Band has been a “thing” at our house since last year but its been just this year that Bjorn has started really loving it in the way that only a toddler can.  We take him every home game down to see the drum line and then we wait until the marching band lines up outside Reveille Hall and watch the Drum Major inspect the lines and march to the stadium.  We have also been trying to get a photograph of Bjorn with the Michigan cheerleaders–truth we are that lame.  But they are SO willing and they adore him but he is TERRIFIED OF THEM.  (They do wear a lot of make-up).  There’s a couple of them that actually know him because we’re there almost every Saturday–alas, it was not to be.  That would be EPIC if we could ever pull it off. Here are some other Fall photos of late.

Nonno and Nonni Visit Ann Arbor for Bjorn (and the Epic Notre Dame v. Michigan "Under the Lights" Game)

Nonno and Nonni Visit Ann Arbor for Bjorn (and the Epic Notre Dame v. Michigan "Under the Lights" Game)

Bjorn & Morgan Take a Pit Stop in Their Bobs at Washtenaw Dairy

Bjorn & Morgan Take a Pit Stop in Their Bobs at Washtenaw Dairy



It is pomp and tradition at its finest–and every time we see the drum major it reminds me of this iconic “Life” photograph from 1950.

Ode to Joy, 1950

Ode to Joy, 1950

Truly, it is an ode to joy.

Down by da baaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

We’ve had a lot of impromptu songs in the Jensen household these past couple of weeks.  Bjorn has a wide repertoire that he will sing for at any point in the day–including 4am.  But, seriously, who doesn’t want to hear “Wheels on the Bus” pre-sunrise?   Is it normal for toddlers to be so tone deaf?  I mean–he’s got all the words and the rhythm but man–there are some serious pitch problems going on.   We’re not going to be participating in any talent shows anytime soon–but he sure does sing with heart and that’s got to count for something.

Songs we love right now:  Wheels on the Bus, Down by the Bay, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Row Row Row Your Boat, Five Little Monkeys and the Masterpiece Theater Theme (“Rondeau” by Mouret–you can thank “Little Einsteins” for that one).

This segues into something I’ve been thinking about lately–how to get your child involved in music.  I’ve had some excellent suggestions from friends in Ann Arbor:  Classes to take, ways to just continuously expose your child to instruments so that they’re intrigued by them, and then (from what I understand of the public school system, here) each child is given/loaned an instrument at a certain age to learn how to play.  I think that is so great–I hope Bjorn doesn’t choose a recorder! I would love for him to learn violin or piano or guitar or just something–its true what they say, I totally regret not practicing the piano more than I did.   Now I can only play one song–and badly at that.   Lars can play one portion of one song from the “Red Hot Chili Peppers” on his guitar.  So yeah, we’re pretty useless.  Bjorn is apparently very good at playing the pretend trumpet at daycare so he’s got that going for him.