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True Confessions of a Bibliophile

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

So, guys.  I have a confession to make.  Its one I’ve debated sharing on here for awhile.  I mean–outing myself is a little scary but I feel like I just need to own it and move forward and maybe it will help me get over this period in my life.

I’ve read, quite possibly, 30 (thirty!  treinta!) books in the past two months.  According to my Goodreads profile I’ve only owned up to four of them.  “Why?” you might ask….well, the reason is that, the other 25 +/- books are so are undeniably trash.  And not trash in a “oh that’s just chick lit”….I mean, let’s do this.  I’ve been reading romance novels.  From the romance novel section.  O rly?  Ya rly.

It all began with Lisa Kleypas.  Who’s that?  Well–she’s an author of sorts.  I was recommended her Hathaway series for a fun read.  Read all of those and actually kind of loved them.  Kleypas is a great story teller who happens to write romance novels.  Then read her Wallflowers series.  Then, onto her modern Travises series.   And lastly, I just finished her Bowstreet Runners trilogy.  You guys–I COULD NOT STOP. I was literally a romance reading juggernaut.   I don’t know what came over me.  I’ve read a handful of her stand alone novels as well.   We would put Bjorn down for bed and I just holed myself up in our room and read non-stop every evening.  It was kind of addictive.  They were so so easy and so light-hearted and god SO unrealistic that they were just totally joyful escapes.  In the same vein as Kleypas is another romance author, Julia Quinn, who I also thought was pretty endearing.  She has a series of books called the Bridgertons that I made my way (mostly) through.   There’s also a more modern series of romances by Susan Elizabeth Phillips about football called Chicago Stars that I’ve put a dent in.   Hey, sometimes a girl just needs a little romance in her life.

Its not something I’m particularly proud of because I kind of think that I should be using this time away from school to better myself and read some literature–leave the light and fluffy stuff to the days when I’ll be holed up reading journal articles about obesity and preventive medicine.  That’s when I’ll need the stuff that doesn’t require thought!  But I also think that, if I’m owning this and really putting it out there, that I just needed a break from the heady stuff.  I needed to come to terms with the fact that I didn’t want to read something that would enrich my mind.  I wanted “trash”….but I don’t even think these novels are that–they’re just unabashedly what they are and they make me happy. And you need literally only four-five hours to invest yourself into reading and finishing them.   Its so hard to start a book and only read a chapter a night and then finish it two months later.  That’s not satisfying to me.  At all.  Some people (Lars) can read the same book (and only be on page 15) for the past year and a half. I am not that person.

I do feel as though there needs to be an end to these shenanigans–at least for awhile–so I’ve reserved a slew of good books at the library (Roses and Kings of Colorado) that I’m pretty excited to make my way through.  I’ve been trying to read Edna Ferber’s Giant for ages–and my brother in law has given me some great fantasy recommendations (Name of the Wind and Assasin’s Apprentice)  that I’m excited to invest myself in.  Perhaps this devil has been purged–perhaps not.  But I guess I’m just not going to feel bad about it and move forward.  Hey–I’m not watching crappy reality television or CBS crime dramas. What’s worse between the two?  Don’t answer that.  Just let it be.