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Lars Did Good.

Monday, May 9th, 2011

For me, being a good mother is so irrevocably linked in having a fantastic partner in crime (and I’m sure vice versa but that’s not the point of this entry). Lars did good this Mother’s Day–there was nothing spectacular but he was attentive and sweet and took care of the craziness in our world in what shall now heretofore be called “Bjornsense”. He just made the day very special in a way that wasn’t dramatic or over the top (ie–putting the pressure on to top my mother’s day with his father’s day). It was just a lovely day filled with long walks in the daffodil and tulip laden town we live and being together as a little family. I love my boys. Also I got a neat piece from Polish Pottery. LOVE!


Bjorn is entering a period of really exerting his will. This is both fantastic and a little daunting. Fantastic because he’s starting to show likes and dislikes and be his own little opinion forming human. Daunting because to express his will he will sometimes throw temper tantrums. Let me tell you–it is pretty exciting to be at the public library and try to bring your child out to the car while he’s disengaged his back so that you can’t even pick him up and its raining and thunder and lightning outside. Exciting is one way to put it at least…frustrating beyond compare is another. But, I am trying to role with it with a little bit more panache and “devil may care” attitude. I’ll tell you how that works out. Have you seen how many gray hairs I’ve gotten since giving birth? I might as well be 80.

We go in for Bjorn’s “parent-teacher” evaluation on Wednesday. No matter what the outcome of this conference, we’ll have a good drink afterwards.