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The Detox Dilemma

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

I’ve blogged about this recipe before–this recipe from Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP site read via Smitten Kitchen.  Its really a wonderful salad.  I actually like to add tofu to mine and the occasional cherry tomato and mushroom.  Filling, satisfying, and delicious.  But that is not the point of this blog entry–to impart on you the wisdom of the Avocado Salad with Carrot Ginger Dressing (which I am making for lunch next week).

The purpose–or rather the catalyst–for this entry is “Detoxing“.  You see, this salad was included in the GOOP newsletter as a recipe for a detox plan (that actually looks pretty safe given that the other extreme is the Master Cleanse).  But, I guess the thing of it all is that I just don’t get it.  It seems to be all the rage now with so many people I know personally who are engaged in it.  There are websites where you buy detox kits in that you just drink some high-priced and well-marketed water for seven days.  Seriously!?

Perhaps its jealousy because I could never in a million years see myself participating in one of these things.  I just love food!  I do think with the right support network I could do it–but is it safe?  Don’t we really just need a balanced diet and lots of water?  This coming from the girl who’s had 3 diet cokes and 2 cups of coffee today (I might have a little caffeine problem).

I wonder if I did participate a detox if I would feel legit in my weight loss.  There is nothing like losing hard fought weight–and I mean hard fought.  I went running this morning on the treadmill (god awful boring) and kept pushing through the pain and pushing through the mind games that told me to just hit the button and decrease the intensity.  But Eminem kept telling me that this was “the only opportunity I got”…so I listened and I ran ran ran and afterwards I felt amazing.  I may not have lost any weight in the here and now, but I did what I think you’re supposed to do when you’re trying to get back into fighting shape.   You fight for it.

I do get that after you’re done literally starving yourself you must feel refreshed and new, light as air, lithe and clean…. especially when you’re shoving that cheeseburger , french fries, and chocolate shake into your pie hole.   I’ll just keep running, thank you very much.

Planning for Warmer Days

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

This transitional period of light savings is a fantastic time to start formalizing our summer plans (and procrastinate studying for midterms).  To build upon the list in my head of things we would like to do this summer and then write them down…because everyone knows that when you write things down it means they become true!   Seriously, last summer we were pathetic (save a 2 and a half week trip out to California) but we not once got up to beautiful Northern Michigan for some camping/beaching by the lake, hikes along the bluffs and swimming in the rivers.  Could have something to do with a certain then one-year old but we have high hopes for this summer.

We’re already in planning and implementation mode with a trip already booked for one of the last weekends in May.  We’ll be camping on the lovely shores of Lake Michigan in Ludington with our friends who have a son a week older than Bjorn.  Should be fun so long as we figure out how to keep Bjorn and his buddy Ian in the designated campsite — but I can’t wait to see them running along the hiking trails and climbing the sand dunes.  Oh, summer—you’re ALMOST here.  I can feel it on this morning of 28 degrees.

Bjorn Says Hi

Bjorn Says Hi

In other news–I’m involved in an epic battle with the University of Michigan residency classification office.  After nearly five years of living here (and buying a house, having a baby, working at UM for that entirety), I have been classified as “out of state” for tuition purposes.  This is bollocks!  Although, from what I understand, not uncommon–many of the students I work with (many of whom were born and raised in Michigan but went to a different college for undergrad) were initially classified as out of state but also petitioned….so we shall see…BUT I AM PREPARED TO FIGHT TO THE BITTER END.

The things I’ll do to get a good education.