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Larsism #2 and Thoughts on Social Values

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Today I submitted my public health application.  Fingers, eyes, toes, knees, spleens crossed that all goes well and I’ll get into the MPH program at Michigan….still so excited to have this component of the process over with.  Onward to the GREs which are slated for late February.  I bought a book and some vocabulary flash cards.  I have to say–I used to consider myself a well read person with a pretty strong working vocabulary and going through these flashcards just makes me feel like a dummy dumb dumb.  I feel like I know maybe…MAYBE 50 percent of the words.  What a load of hee haw this vocabulary section appears to be.

Anyway–this leads to me to Larsism #2…are you ready for it?  Hold onto your knickers, ladies.

ME: (excited)  I just submitted my MPH application!!!!!!!

LARS: You are now a member of the liberal elite.


Wah waaaaaahhhhh.  (There’s a sound that goes with this that I can’t adequately describe in blog-form but just know that it should be read with a certain panache).

Anyway–so I’m still taking public health classes through the Certificate Program.  In one corner there’s  Intro to Epidemiology and in the other corner there’s Survey of the US Health Care System.  Which one will destroy my will to live more?  Perhaps I will like them both.  All signs are pointing to each class being pretty intriguing but they’re both still an awful lot of work–as evidenced by the fact that I have spent my Friday night doing homework.

This brings me to my “Social Values” question.  We are reading an article by an individual named Avedis Donabedian regarding social values.  I know what you all are thinking—this is obviously a well-crafted pen name for Albus Dumbledore!…but in fact the two are completely separate individuals (although what do I know…I mean, Dumbledore was arguably the most powerful wizard in the history of wizards and I’m pretty sure he had a similar opinion to Donabedian to social values…).   So we are learning mainly about the differences between liberatarian social values and egalitarian social values.  Our assignment this week was to read this HEARTBREAKING story regarding a baby in Detroit who passed away due to malnourishment/starvation.  We are giving a scale of 1-6 with 6 being social responsibility and 1 being personal responsibility and have to choose a number to reflect who should take the blame for Jubilee Holloway’s death.  And then go into talking about what makes a society strong etc etc and so forth.

Now, I think it would come as no surprise to many of you that I would feel STRONGLY that society has failed this poor little baby girl.  But for me its not a linear system of blame—its a systematic collapse of so many things that should have protected this baby from being 6 oz less than her birth weight at 7 months old.   Actually, I have to say, I”m not sure exactly what systems are in place to protect this baby girl but if there aren’t any–then that is a reflective failure of our society as a whole to not protect our most vulnerable members.  I’m sure there are some issues related to the parents who “should have known better”…but its hard to look at parental responsibility for children in a vacuum from society at large.

/end ramble.

What, do you want more Larsisms rather than rants on the health care industry?  Thank you for letting me talk out my homework assignment.  I’d be interested in hearing any other individual’s thoughts should they care to share them.

And Bjorn. The cutest gosh darn baby in the whole wide world.  He’s the real reason you peruse my blog, right?

Flirting With Danger:  Standing Up In The Bathtub on Agility Challenged Legs.

Flirting With Danger: Standing Up In The Bathtub on Agility Challenged Legs.

Bjorn likes to cuddle.  When his parents are unavailable, he will cuddle whatever is available.  Including our bed.

Bjorn likes to cuddle. When his parents are unavailable, he will cuddle whatever is available. Including our bed.

Dental Hygeine Is Important.  Even With Baby Teeth.

Dental Hygeine Is Important. Even With Baby Teeth.

Bjorn–one day I’ll tell you that you’re the major reason for me looking into higher education.  I want you to be proud of me and to respect the work that I do.    Also I want to make sure I can be an authority figure when I talk to you about how girls have cooties and the birds and the bees.  Or maybe I should just leave that up to Lars for the sake of adding to my “larsism” file–because you all know that those will be gems.  DIAMONDS.

And one video for good measure:

Larsism #1

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

While out in California Lars, Bjorn and I had a lovely dinner with the even lovelier Nick & Hannah.  This is, unfortunately, not a segue into a blog post about our trip to California—but rather an opportunity for me to share with you the intricate working of Lars’ mind.

For those of you who know Lars, you know what a wonderful albeit quiet person he is.   So quiet that after we had finished our dinner and were back in our respective places, that while chatting online with Nick he told me that Hannah and him were debating whether Lars spoke often while he was alone with me.  I can tell you this much–he doesn’t.  He does speak though. Only about very very important issues….and thus was born ‘the Larsism’.  I will try and document those moments of profoundness when we are graced with Lars’ input on the social state of the world.

My first entry.  Larsism #1 if you will:

This polar babies ice calendar is not coming down in price at all!

Emotion: Anger/Frustration

What this says about the Lars: He is probably a communist who loves polar babies

Music I’m Listening to Right Now: Baby Beluga

As I continue with my Larsisms, I hope you will get to know the deep inner workings of Lars’ brain just a little bit better.