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Sick. In June. Wut?!

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

After a couple of intense weeks of moving into our new home, we thought we were finally over the hump of chaotic activity.  Our boxes are unpacked, our furniture assembled (save the sofa we are anxiously awaiting from IKEA), and we’re, for the most part, effectively “living” in our new place.  The only chaos we thought we had left was the details.  For example, our living room table is covered with paper and boxes right now-we’re just trying to figure out where to put things that don’t really have a place, yet.  We’ll get there.  It wasn’t going to happen this week, though.  I’ll tell you why. Illness.

Last Saturday evening, Bjorn ended up with a 103 degree fever which, let me tell you, was maybe the scariest night of Lars and I’s life.  When people use the term “burning up” they aren’t kidding!  Bjorn was on fire–so hot and all he wanted to do was cuddle with Lars and I.  He wanted nothing of his crib, of lying by himself…no, he wanted to lie on top of us.  Poor baby. Often times during the heights of the fever, he would have minor muscle spasms where his legs and arms would twitch and his little body would shudder.  Scary stuff.  We had talked to the on-call nurse and she said to just keep pushing the fluids and to give him motrin, which we did–but it seemed to not give him much relief.  By morning, the fever had gone down significantly and we thought the worst was over.  He still had a low-grade fever and was definitely not himself but we knew we could deal with this level of illness.  The week has since been a slow return to health and we’re still not there. On Friday, after a couple projectile vomits and a scare with dehydration we went to the doctor who gave us the action plan of  spoon feeding Bjorn for four hours with pedialyte…a teaspoon every five minutes.    Meanwhile, Lars comes home, mentions not feeling very well, goes upstairs to lie down, and doesn’t emerge until 10am the next morning.  The reason-the stomach flu.  And it was a doozy…I asked Lars how he was doing at 11pm after Bjorny had finally gone down and I believe the direct quote is “I want to die”.  Glad he’s not in pain now but still can’t really stomach anything other than saltines, water and gatorade. Boo!

We all seem to be on the mend now (I’ve said this before this week so who knows how true it is)…and hopefully we’ll be one hundred percent for the long weekend over Fourth of July.  Bjorn’s got a park at his disposal and he’s not afraid to use it (when healthy).

Swinging Hard.  Living Large.

Swinging Hard. Living Large.