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The Saga of Moving

Monday, May 31st, 2010

For Lars and I, so-called “minimalists” (okay, more Lars than me)…we have way more boxes stacked up in our dining room than I thought possible!  Packing away your life blows.  However, its mitigated by the fact that we’re, on Friday, moving to a fantastic little house on the west side of Ann Arbor where we’ll have a basement and oodles of storage so that we can tell people we’re minimalists but then hoard like crazy in the knooks and crannies.

Moving is made a little more difficult by Bjorn’s increased desire to be mobile.  We used to be able to just set him down and he would kind of play within the circumfrence that his arms would reach but now he is getting into everything.  Especially electrical sockets.  I mean, no joke, it was the first thing he went for when he realized he could move forward.

Stop Action Bjornamation from Megan Jensen on Vimeo.

Safest way for Bjorn to keep from going AWOL is to put him in his jumparoo.  Sometimes the transition into the device is not always the easiest but he doesn’t seem to mind.  Just a new challenge for Special Agent Jensen.

The One Legged Jumping Bandit from Megan Jensen on Vimeo.

We’ve also had the added bonus of having all of Bjorn’s cousins in town for the past week!  Ryder, Mats, Anikka, and Geddy have been chilling Ann Arbor style.  Its been a crazy couple of days and we’ll hopefully have more photos to post later–but we’re so happy that they made the trek out here to see their Michigan family.

And, just when you thought we were done with the fun, we have Nonni coming out tomorrow for a whole week of fun with Bjorn.  An extra set of adult hands to keep Bjorn out of trouble and harm’s way should be awesome.  We also think she is going to LOVE our new kitchen (and hopefully make us many good things to eat).

We have a couple more photos to share here.  No updates on the Bjorn site–Daddy has been busy buying a house, renting a condo, and keeping madness and mayhem at bay.

Just Because

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

This slays me.

The Manicurist’s Dilemma from Megan Jensen on Vimeo.

On the Move. In More Ways than One…

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

What a crazy whirlwind these past couple of weeks have been.

Firstly, Bjorn is semi-mobile.  And by semi-mobile I mean he can scoot backwards (not forwards);  go around in in a circle on his bum;  and have no directional velocity at all but sometimes he manages to push himself into the corner between the file cabinet and the TV and we’ll consider that a mobile success because there’s no where left to go.  We’re pleased he’s showing a lot of patience with himself in this transitional period–there are definitely tears when he reaches a little too far forward and falls on his face…but for the most part, he’s just enjoying exploring the places his little limbs can carry him.

A more conventional way of getting around when you're a wee one.  Bjorn & Lars at the Arb.

A more conventional way of getting around when you're a wee one. Bjorn & Lars at the Arb.

Bjorn has also been attempting to stand.  Sometimes I set him down in his crib (which we have not “dropped”, yet) and come back into find him on his knees just holding onto the railing singing a little ditty to himself or chewing on the plastic barrier.  He can’t pull himself up to standing, yet—but he certainly gets awfully close in multiple situations.

Moral of the story on both of these fronts…we really need to start baby-proofing.



….and we’re not really going to start baby-proofing the condo.  Possible ever.  Why, you ask?  Well–as it turns out, we are most likely moving to a house in Ann Arbor in the relatively near future and we’ll have a whole slew of baby-proofing to do there in the coming weeks.  Living dangerously until then.

Lars and I casually went out house-hunting two weekends ago–just to see what was on the market and to check out the various neighborhoods all decked out for spring.  There was one house in particular that we wanted to look out which turned out to be a bust.  I mean, the current owners were still living there so a showing had to be scheduled and while they were away, their giant parrot was not.  Kind of a killjoy because of how much I hate birds.  I could have overlooked the parrot except the space just wasn’t large enough.  Lucky for us, though, our friend Al who was showing us the houses in his realtor capacity, brought us to 1711 Charlton–a quiet, tree-lined street in the west-side of Ann Arbor.  We (okay mostly me) fell in love.  It all happened so fast after this–we put in an offer, it was accepted after a couple of back and forths, and now we’re moving forward.  We have a tentative closing date of June 3rd but are still working out some details after the inspection which hopefully will be resolved without too much duress.  We’re excited to have more space and a big kitchen and a lovely backyard where we anticipate Bjorn will run through the sprinklers with reckless abandon.  It even has a doggy door so its totally our duty to get a dog, now.  (Right, Lars?).

1711 Charlton

1711 Charlton

Overall, I’d say we’re pretty happy with how things are progressing right now.   I’m not going to lie–I still wish we lived closer to my parents and San Diego friends who I miss pretty much all the time.  Many of you have had this conversation with me talking about the pros and cons of moving…staying in Ann Arbor vs. moving to somewhere out west (where I feel my heart and person ultimately belongs)…but I know that right now, this is the correct decision for our little family in securing the best quality of life for all three of us.