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Why Can’t I Bake?

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

One of Lars’ favorite desserts (okay, and mine) is blondies. I became obsessed with them when Kate generously brought them into the office in her cute little tupperware and set them on her desk for all to partake in. I usually partook. Twice. (or Thrice!). Well, since moving to Ann Arbor I have tried NUMEROUS times to recreate the magic blondie–not only with Kate’s undoubtedly superior recipe but also with the Joy of Cooking’s recipe; America’s Test Kitchen Recipe (which is way more complicated than its worth) and random blondie joe schmoe recipe off the interwebs. Fail. Always fail. Lars is kind and tells me they are usually just fine and he always eats the lumpy gooey non-bready mess regardless. (After all, even as a mess, its just butter, brown sugar and chocolate chips at its core!). Still–I wish I could bake. I don’t know what’s wrong–I try different baking pans; cooling racks; parchment paper v tin foil. It always ends up a mess! I’d like to blame my oven but its digital so I think its the right temperature. ARGH. We are destined to eat gooey masses and buy from Costco when bake sales are in effect. Sorry Bjorn & Lars–I have failed you as a mother and a wife, for I cannot bake, no matter how hard I try.

But let’s all take a moment to be nostalgic about Kate’s endless supply of baked goods on her desk at Calit2. It wasn’t just blondies, friends! Buttercream frosting cupcakes. Shortbread. Oh, memories.

Spring Photos. Strike a Pose.

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

Bjorn trades in his sweaters and hats for lighter weight sweaters and hats.


More photos here.

Ridiculous Moves

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Does this kid have white boy rhythm or what?  I think Lars is secretly giving him dance lessons when I’m not looking.

Yeah Yeah Yeah from Megan Jensen on Vimeo.

Also, seeing the Humphrey’s line-up makes me miss San Diego something awful.  Especially since I could hypothetically go to all these concerts for free by mooching off my parents boat-slip which is adjacent to the concert venue.  A little dinghy, a little music (or Bill Maher or Joel McHale–WANT WANT WANT).  Perfect.

Yes, I had to look-up how to correctly spell dinghy–in case anyone was wondering.

Coffee Talk; Coffee Walk

Monday, April 5th, 2010

The past couple of weeks (ever since the weather turned) Bjorn and I have been walking with our friends Amanda and her daughter Beatrix and Laurie and her son Charlie every Tuesday and Thursday morning.  I have to say, its one of my most looked-forward-to parts of the week.  We initially started our journey at Caribou Coffee where we caffeinated our sleep-deprived bodies with a concoction of choice and walked all around the neighborhood.  A parade of mother’s and babies, if you will.

We’ve gotten a bit more adventurous in the past week or so–testing the waters of the newly opened Roos’ Roast which is located in an office suite not too far away from our walking path.  We actually couldn’t find the front door its in such a non-commercial location that we inadvertently tried to break into the back door. Only to have the one and only John Roos stick his head out and thoroughly encourage us to come in the front door.  He was very excited to have his first baby customers.

On Thursday we attempted to get coffee at the local wine store which conveniently opens for coffee at 9am and is, in some respects, inconveniently located mere steps from where I live.  Sitting in a wine store, sipping very strong Americanos, with our babies, at 9am.  The perfect way to end a nice long walk around the neighborhood.  Let’s get these kids hooked on our vices and then some!

Bjorn has such a good set of friends here in Ann Arbor.  Some are staying and some are going but they are all so very special to us.

We’re off for a walk tomorrow morning and hopefully the weather will continue to hold so that we can keep it up–the green is timidly poking out of the trees and the daffodils are blooming.  Oh, spring!

The weather has been so warm we’ve had to put Bjorn in some rompers that accentuate his thunder thighs and give him some breathing room.  I daresay, we may need to buy him more clothes (that scream you just heard was Lars, btw)…he needs shorts, though!

Onward to the Bjornucopia of photos!

Lars & Bjorn intensely watching a hockey game.

Lars & Bjorn intensely watching a hockey game.

Lording over his fiefdom.  I guess that makes him a feudal lord.  Sounds about right.

Lording over his fiefdom. I guess that makes him a feudal lord. Sounds about right.

Who dat!?

Who dat!?

Bringing the romper back and making it look good.

Bringing the romper back and making it look good.

Nom nom nom.

Nom nom nom.

What is this strange device in my mouth.  I believe you refer to it as "tongue".

What is this strange device in my mouth. I believe you refer to it as "tongue".

In reference to the above photo–Bjorn has his first tooth!  It was a long and arduous process getting here which involved a pretty tiring weekend for all parties involved but the tooth has entered the building (or mouth, as it were).  With the appearance of the tooth, Bjorn has discovered his tongue…which in turn has helped him to discover his “l” sound.. which in turn has made him into a champion yodeler when you get him going.  He is gifted, truly.

So excited for Nonni and Nonno’s visit next week!  It will motivate Lars and I to clean the condo and Bjorn is in such a sweet spot right now–it will be good for him to get some quality grandparent time in.  Also, I won’t lie, Lars and I are going to try and get away for a night or two.  I’m both super excited about this AND super nervous.  However, I think it will be good, in the long run, for all parties involved.

….and I’ve stayed up way later than anticipated writing this post.  I would say something self-deprecating about how it wasn’t really worth it but even if you ignore all the verbage and nonsense and just look at the photos…oh, it was worth it.  My heart melts!  How do we freeze him and keep him like this forever.  Lars?

Food, Glorious Food!

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

We’re anxious to try it.
That extra bit mooooooooooooooooore. That’s all that we live for.

How To Break Your Child’s Trust at 8 Months Old from Megan Jensen on Vimeo.

Or not.

Actually–he is frigging loving the squash, hating on the apples and indecisive about pears.  I tried giving him cut up strawberries yesterday and he made faces and spit them all out.  He’s very fickle about solid food and still loves his bottle.  Its cool–he’s obviously not malnourished so we’ll just keep plugging at it. 

PS–If you weren’t a music theater junkie like I was (geek alert) at the young age of six and up, the topic and first three lines of this post will mean nothing to you.  Know that you are missing out on a fantastic song from Oliver! and that it is currently stuck in my head.