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Winter Camping Widow

Friday, February 26th, 2010

This upcoming weekend (ie, tomorrow) Lars and his little brother Mike are going winter camping at Nordhouse Dunes along Lake Michigan. What exactly is the appeal of winter camping, you ask? Nothing. There is nothing appealing about winter camping. I have a clinically insane husband who made his little brother drink the kool-aid and now they’re going to spend the night in a flimsy tent in the snow in order to get a few damn photos and “for the experience of it all”. Let me tell you, I have winter camped with Lars twice now and I’ll be damned if there’s a third time. It sucks. You get so cold that you wake up in the morning covered in water because the condensation in your breath hits the freezing cold tent and there’s just a layer of wet everywhere. Also, you don’t sleep. Its so cold you don’t sleep. Also, sleeping on the ground sucks. Also, I haven’t slept since some point in late July–you’d think if I would take a couple of days off for myself it would not be to not sleep some more.

But let me tell you how I really feel.

Its just the way Lars rolls. He’s Scandinavian. Its in his blood. I’m from San Diego. Not really the way I roll. Bjorny and I will cuddle and watch some Rom-Coms this weekend and laugh at the thought of Lars sleeping in the snow when we’re snuggled up in a warm fleece blanket with PJs on.

Actually, I will miss him an awful lot. But don’t tell him I said so.

Documenting Greatness

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

So, Lars and I get these little notes every day that Bjorn is in daycare documenting important things like when his diaper was changed, how much he ate and when and how long he napped. His “teacher” also writes us a little paragraph about what he did that day. We’ve been thinking we should document these so that Bjorn can look back fondly (or not) on all his activities. We have also noticed a theme in that every note usually has explanation for what object (or other baby’s foot) he has put in his mouth that day. Talk about oral fixation.

Here is a sample taken from today:
“Bjorn laid with Evelyn and Neva on the floor as I blew bubbles above their heads. Bjorn kicked his feet with excitement as the bubbles floated around above his head. Bjorn also helped create a flower mural out of contact paper and cut out flowers. When he got his flower, he put it straight in his mouth.”

The antibiotics for this most current round of sickness seem to be kicking in a little slower than the others. They also seem to be upsetting his stomach a little as he vomits a vomit of epic proportions almost daily. Today he seems a little more like the Bjorny we know and love (okay, we love him even when he’s sick and cranky but it is hard to be coherent with only 2 hours of sleep!). We’re hopeful for a restful night and a sassy yet lovable baby come morning.

Bourgeois Baby

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

So, Lars and I have been trying to feed Bjorn his solid foods. Its been hit or miss…we haven’t really gotten past rice cereal and sweet potatoes and even that has been hit or miss. When sweet potatoes initially didn’t really seem like Bjorn’s cup’o’tea…we tried bananas. That’s cool, right? I mean, bananas are sweet and you’d think the kid would just love them. WRONG. Back to the sweet potatoes.

Anyway, in a spontaneous trip to Whole Foods the other night (where we usually don’t shop because the prices, tbh, are redonkulous–woohoo trader joe’s and target!) I bought these cute little jarred sweet potatoes because we were out of the Gerber kind at home.

Bjorn ate. them. up. No joke. Who knew that my baby had such refined tastes. Heaven forbid we tell him we buy him Target-Brand formula…he might spontaneously combust.

Poor guy is fighting an incompletely treated ear infection in both ears. Another ten days of antibiotics for Bjorn. This one is supposed to make his poo turn pink! The doctor said “it will be unlike any other bm you’ve ever seen before!’. If that doesn’t just build the suspense, I don’t know what does. It smells (tastes?) like Pina Colada. Oh, Bjorn. You poor little boy. Earaches suck.

Also, not gonna lie, was a little proud of myself when the doctor told me “i was right on” with my earache assessment. Still sad for Bjorn. (Also sad for our lack of sleep…).

A Baby’s Work Is Never Done

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

I realize this video is not very exciting for people other than family (and even that’s debatable!)…but nonetheless, here Bjorn is in all his refined motor skills glory.

A Baby’s Work Is Never Done from Megan Jensen on Vimeo.

Today we are off to the West Coast (of Michigan). Fun! Frozen lighthouses! Fun?


Thursday, February 18th, 2010

A quick few photos to start the day.  Bjorn woke up at 6:30am and went down at 9am for a yet to be undetermined length of time so I am inspired to post the cuteness.  Also, I don’t want to fold the laundry.

"I Love You, Stinky Face" never read so good.

"I Love You, Stinky Face" never read so good.

Speaking of "Stinky Face"...

Speaking of "Stinky Face"...

The nap in question

The nap in question

In honor of fashion week;  Bjorn makes a statement.  Don't know what that statement is other than lack of refined motor skills and not very considerate parents.

In honor of fashion week; Bjorn makes a statement. Don't know what that statement is other than lack of refined motor skills and not very considerate parents.

…and he’s still asleep.

Making A Routine Of It All

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

I’m awash with guilt for not updating more frequently  Not to give myself an out, but do you think that the lack of updating means lack of eventful things that require an outlet for venting/frustration/wooooo?  That said, why would I use this blog only to talk about the negative?  These type of existential and meaningful questions will never fully be answered because I’m too tired to really delve into them;  but know that I have guilt and I lay awake at night thinking about things to blog about to keep this place “hip”.

Speaking of laying awake at night….is there anything more frustrating than knowing you need sleep and that you haven’t slept well since the third trimester of your pregnancy and the house being perfectly still and peaceful but you’re tossing and turning worrying about what to blog about?  Okay, I don’t really worry about what to blog about but it definitely crossed my mind last night at 2:44am (which is the moment I remember checking my clock–a fatal flaw in the world of trying to get back to sleep).  Bjorn is finally sleeping in these fantastic long stretches after a week of being sick and waking up every two hours with fitful coughs and he’s snug as a bug as a rug in the other room and I’m just lying awake, staring at the ceiling.  Seriously, can’t a person catch a break?!

And, you know, I think I did catch a break…because this kid is amazing.  He blows me away every single day with his development and his charm and his smiles (oh, his smiles!) and his bbbbbb bbbbbbb bbbbbb noises.  I want to bottle him up right now.  I want to keep this babe and shelter him from everything but want him to experience anything his heart desires at the same time.  We have entered this sweet stage of cuddles and laughs and I’ll have to look back on this blog entry when he’s a surly teenager to remind myself of the sweetness I felt at six and a half months.  Judge for yourself.

Attack of the Giggles from Megan Jensen on Vimeo.

I guess the major thing that’s happened to us over the past couple of weeks is that Bjorn has gotten his first real “illness” that required a sick visit to the doctor.  He had been coughing a little bit ever since our trip out to San Diego for Christmas and it just kept getting progressively worse.  Finally, it got to the point where he couldn’t keep anything in his bottle down because whenever we tried to burp him he channeled Linda Blair and we’d end up with a onesie full of spit-up.  My mom, who was thankfully around to watch him for his first real sick week so we didn’t have to technically pull him from daycare, recommended a trip to the pediatrician where we found out he has bronchiolitis–which you can’t take anything for if you’re just a little baby!  He’s really handicapped, also, by the fact that he can’t blow his nose.  Oh these simple things we take for granted! They did try a nebulizer on him (oh, the horror!) but turned out to be a crapshoot, too. He was also diagnosed with ear infections in BOTH ears.  Poor guy.  So he’s on the bubble gum antibiotics (aka amoxicillin) and took it easy for a couple of days with my mom.  We’re still giving him the antiobiotics but he is really making a fantastic turnaround on the bronchiolitis.  Poor little guy.  Man it must suck to be sick when you’re a baby.

And, as previously mentioned, we had our routine guest from San Diego, Bjorn’s Nonni.  Oh, how we ate, read, took naps and left the house without worrying about the little guy.  It was great and we hope she comes back with Bjorn’s newly retired Nonno very soon! There is much to do in the Great Lakes, Great Times state.

So that’s the crux of the matter—I guess there’s always something exciting to write about with baby’s and even in routines there are little nuances that I should try and get better at capturing in writing or photographs.  He’s already such a chub!  We look at pictures of his chicken legs and chicken arms and scrunchy little bjorny face the first weeks of his life and I can’t believe this little plumpy in front of me is the same little boy.  In the words of Lars (yes, Lars!),  “what a cutie!”.

Babies, babies, babies! Bebes!

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Back from our fantastic trip to Boston and I think all parties involved not only survived, but had a great time!  Bjorn has been sleeping great since we flew in late Sunday night (last night he fell asleep at 9am and slept until about 5am straight.  It was amazing!).  I have to think he was just anxious about meeting his good buddy Gracie who we have been telling him about but he had never seen in the flesh.  Turns out they are two peas on a pod. See for yourself.

REI should really be paying us royalties for these boy & girl snowsuits.

REI should really be paying us royalties for these boy & girl snowsuits.

We had the best chips and salsa we have had (possibly outside of San Diego) in Cambridge and the little peanuts were kind enough to sleep through the entire lunch.  They obviously know how much both of their parents appreciate some good chips and salsa.

Walking around Cambridge & Boston was so much fun–our little Graco Stroller was just as good of a trooper with the cobblestone and brick streets/sidewalks.  We took Bjorn to Harvard where he will go only if he gets a scholarship (and he really wants to)….that might be too far away from Grace, though, who is apparently going to Berkeley.   Planning babies collegiate futures is fun!

Grace was kind enough to let Bjorn eat most of her toys (hungy hungry hippo baby) and we did try to get a good posed photo with them sitting together.  They probably thought we were all crazy with all our hand waving and funny noises to make them laugh.  Pretty sure this is the best picture we got….maybe Kate & Steve have a better photo (that we will claim as our own) to share.

cutie patooties

cutie patooties

Our buddies Ginny & K-Rex came up from Rhode Island, too! All we were missing was Emma and Erika 🙁

Bjorn is pounding on the keyboard now so I should really end this post and wrap it up later. Apologies for the nonsensical nature of my writing.  Its kind of like James Joyce Stream of Consciousness, except much more ridiculous.