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Weekender Baby

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

Does Bjorn understand its the weekend?  Last night he fell asleep on my chest at 10pm and cuddled with me until 11pm (btw, this is my own personal heaven, cuddling with Bjorn and kissing the top of his head every five minutes).    Lars transitioned him to his crib afterwards and then we, against all good judgment, stayed up until 1am watching episodes of the first season of Veronica Mars (WATCH THIS SHOW IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY).   I was like “what the hell, its Friday night and Lars is around, we’re gonna live it up and hopefully I won’t regret it at 3am”.  Anyway–Bjorn had the best night of his little life thus far and slept soundly until 3am, but putting the binky back in his mouth and rubbing his back for five minutes put him back to sleep quite easily.  Then he stayed put in his crib until 7am.  We heard him making little grunting noises at that point and pulled him into bed with Lars and I where his usual routine is lying in between us and looking first at Lars and then quickly turning his head to look at me, then turning his head to look at Lars (wash, rinse, repeat).  He kept us up for about half an hour playing, nursing, and chatting…you know, coffee talk.  Then he fell back asleep until…wait for it….10am.  We all slept in until 10am this fine Saturday morning on the 14th of November.  And it was glorious.


We’re not anticipating a repeat tonight but a girl can dream, right? It was especially nice because Lars was around to appreciate sleeping in a little bit on the weekend since he has been getting up and going to work Monday through Friday.  Who knew sleep could make me this happy?

Bjorn Elf’d x 5

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Don’t judge me.  If you must, blame Ellen.  I saw it on her show.

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Again With The Bjorn

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

Bonjour!  Click the picture for more photos of Skeletor Jensen.  


The Cutest Little Skeleton

The Cutest Little Skeleton

Things You Learn When Searching For A Binky

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

We affectionately refer to Bjorn’s binky as his “precious” a la “Lord of the Rings”.  When he wants it, he wants it, and he has no problem letting you know it.  Loudly.  Sometimes he wants it so bad that he gets so excited when the binky is put in his mouth that he spits it out.  Usually this happens at 5am when its pitch black outside and my glasses aren’t in or my contacts are falling out of my eyeball.   ANYWAY.  I’ve learned that the first place to look, after feeling around on the bed comforter, under the pillows, on the ground, under the crib….the FIRST place to look should be your cleavage.  More often than not, Precious has fallen into the boobage.

Too Many Books and the Baby Who Prevents Me From Reading Them

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

I am currently in various stages of reading three (3!) books all around the house.  I like all of them–they’re all fun and interesting and if I didn’t get anchored in certain positions because a certain someone (okay, Bjorn) falls asleep or starts to cuddle and is very sensitive to moving, I think I would read each of them one-by-one.  But no, must have books scattered all about the house so when I get stuck, I can usually find one within reaching distance.  Boy does it suck when they’re not within reaching distance.

We’re just coming down off the high of my mom being here in Ann Arbor for the past week.  It was fantastic to have an extra set of hands around the house–even if those hands didn’t do anything other than hold Bjorn.  She said to me she felt bad that she hadn’t really done anything and I was like “you holding Bjorn has allowed me to do xyz things that I haven’t been able to do since July 29th”.   Also I got to take a nap every once in awhile and she got up with Bjorn in the middle of the night when he just needed to be rocked back to sleep.  Meanwhile, she also managed to stock our fridge and freezer with some fantastic meals for the next couple of days, weeks, months, years (?). So good.  Having her leave makes me miss my family in San Diego an awful lot…can’t wait for her to come back in December and then for our 10 day trip to San Diego over Christmas!  Bjorny’s first!  Within the next month and a half he is flying to Seattle, Denver and Seattle…and he’s already been to Arkansas!  Not to mention our week and a half long road trip to the Upper Peninsula.  He is a bona fide little traveler.

So Halloween came and went.  Bjorn, as many of you may have already seen, was a little skeleton.  We had the cutest little get together in my Mommy’s Group in which my little demon-child was the only one possessed with tears and rage when we took the picture below.

Bjorn Distinguishes Himself From The Pack

Bjorn Distinguishes Himself From The Pack

In this photo he kept looking at me like “WHY, MOM?!  WHY?” …and the other little babies are all cuddly with one another like they were just dropped down from heaven and they were cherubs disguished as babies sent on earth to make Bjorn look like a hell-spawn.  I can’t tell you how proud it made me.  All in all you just have to laugh it off and think of ways to punish him later when he goes out on his first date.  My mom reminds me that some of the qualities that babies exhibit when they are little (such as willfullness) are qualities that sometimes we appreciate more as adults.  WE SHALL SEE.

Tomorrow, I have another book at the library to pick up.  Yeeesh.

Bjorny just overate and now he’s exploding.  He’s also in a skeleton suit.  We have an an exploding baby wearing a skeleton suit.  Does anyone else see the humor in this?