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Sunday, May 31st, 2009

Fun but costly fact of the day…

Buying baby clothes is HARD to resist.  They are all so cute and you want your kid to be “stylin'”…plus individual pieces are so not expensive that you can rationalize going ballistic and end up spending way more than you thought you were going to but then you are like “oh, but its for my baby”.  

Materialism at its finest and its worse.  I don’t know how you kids with baby girls do it because those clothes are TOO TOO cute.  At least with boys I am limited to cute onesies and cargo shorts for his chubby little legs  (awwww).  

We were on a mission today to find a floppy hat for our baby boy.  We have tons of little knit/fleece hats for him but nothing that will protect him from the harsh rays of the sun.    This took a long time but we found it.  And, of course, we had to buy a onesie along with it–I mean, the onesie matched the inner lining of the hat–HOW COULD WE NOT?  


That hat that launched a thousand onesies

The hat that launched a thousand onesies


...said onesie.  So cute.  Dying.  From.  Cuteness.  I love stripes

...said onesie. So cute. Dying. From. Cuteness. I love stripes

…or maybe we should just see how much money we’re draining from his college fund to make sure he’s a stylin’ infant.    Also–we don’t have many pants for him.  He is going to be one pant-less baby!  I figure he’s born in July/August so he won’t even want pants then.  We’ll see if this somehow calculates into him being an exhibitionist or a “free spirit” later in life…

31 Weeks And Counting

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

This is what happens when you stand on a cliff on the Pacific to try and take your baby bump photo.

...starring Cousin It as Megan at 31 weeks Pregnant.

...starring Cousin It as Megan at 31 weeks Pregnant.

Let’s try this one more time…

31 Weeks Pregnant and at Cabrillo National Park in San Diego

31 Weeks Pregnant and at Cabrillo National Park in San Diego

We are back from San Diego (sniff, sniff).  I am back to my insomniatic ways so here’s to hoping you get a couple more nutty 4am blog posts!  San Diego was amazingly restful with me sleeping through the night on MOST nights–or at least waking up for an hour or two and then not having to get up with the alarm early in the morning.

Room & Board

Monday, May 25th, 2009

Well–we aren’t sure whether we’re going to charge BBJ Room & Board yet for living in our luxurious condo–but when he sees this bedroom he may give it to us on demand.

BBJ's Humble Abode

BBJ's Humble Abode

It doubles as a guest room!  Bonus that you get to sleep with the baby, right?

It doubles as a guest room! Bonus that you get to sleep with the baby, right?

You can see a couple more photos and a movie with circumspect comments from the peanut gallery here.

Lars is the mastermind behind the baby’s room.  After multiple (MULTIPLE) trips to IKEA we think we nailed it.  We both really didn’t want pastel-like colors so the red, white, and black seem to work well with our style and the bedspread that we already had on hand…we also learned in our infant care class that the really primary colors with lots of contrast are very interesting to the baby.  Score–we did something good for baby and we didn’t even know it. We do need some more storage in the room but we figure we’ll get to that eventually. Lars’ mom made us the curtain that matches the little bedspread and Lars also manufactured the changing table specifically to a dresser that we already had on hand.  He still needs to bolt it into the wall so that when we change him he doesn’t get catapulted (as we have discussed at length earlier).

We are particularly excited about the prints in the room–they’re fun and colorful and the America’s Cup print is representing San Diego!  He needs to know his parents roots after all.  I wonder if the French print of Babar will then confuse him….

Today–off to Pasadena to visit Geoff & Cheryl.  Awesome.

Touching Down San Diego Style

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

I didn’t truly realize how anxious I was about the long flight to San Diego until yesterday afternoon, when I sat down in seat 19B on a totally full flight that, from take off to touch down, would last four hours and seven minutes.  I’m not a good traveler to begin with but I was also worried that I would run out of food or water or go all “Alive” on my fellow passengers if it came to that.  Also I was worried about feet swelling and leg cramps.

The flight turned out to be totally fine (other than a bit of feet swelling).  My only complaint really couldn’t have been helped.  Douchebag in 19A (window seat) kept playing this videogame on his iPhone which necessitated him jabbing me in the belly with his elbow occasionally because he was SO INTO THE GAME that he lost control of his bodily functions.  I will also admit that taking a random movie and watching it on the plane really helps.  Not too ashamed to admit that my movie of choice was “Twilight”.

First stop after getting off the airplane–Rubio’s Fish Tacos.  Nom Nom Nom.  Then we came home and promptly fell asleep.  I should be sleeping now but my brain is telling me that its almost 10am EST so I’m a little skeewonky.

30 Weeks to the Day

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

I am now 30 weeks to the day.  10 more to go!

I went to the doctor’s office today and vocalized some concern about my weight gain–as I have spoken with many before about it and tried to get reassurance–I just figured it was time to bite the bullet and talk to the doctor about it, too.  I don’t know why I’m OCD about it–but I was totally assuaged by the fact that my doctor told me I was absolutely normal and she wouldn’t have even brought it up if I hadn’t talked about it with her–she said I was actually measuring a little less than normal (although I certainly don’t feel that way).  You know what this means, right?  TIME. FOR. ICE CREAM. (The ice cream, btw, would also be to celebrate the fact that it is 80 degrees outside).

The most exciting part about the doctor’s visit (second to listening to little BBJ’s heartbeat) was figuring out where he’s positioned in my uterus.  I don’t know why, but I thought some of the things I was feeling from him were head butts–and the doctor totally laughed at me and was like “no, those are probably hands and feet, doofus”.  Okay, she didn’t say “doofus” but she was probably thinking it!  In any case, the head is down, the feet are up, let’s all play seven-up.  So when I am feeling little jabs on my lower left-side–he is punching me;  and on the right upper side, he is kicking me.  Awesome.  I am going to have to assume these are love punches and love kicks.

Off to San Diego tomorrow!  I can’t wait to be home but I am oh so not looking forward to the plane ride.

Up, Up, and Away! (or, “How I Learned to Love the Car”)

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

We sojourned “Up North” this weekend to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore and make small hiccups of stops in some of my favorite towns in the history of small towns–Glen Arbor, Leland (Fish Town), Empire, and Traverse City.  (Note:   Traverse City is not really a small town–but I’m lumping it with the others because I don’t know how else to classify).  We knew the Cherry Blossoms were supposed to be blooming and we wanted to take a trip up there prior to little Baby making his appearance so we figured, “hell, why not” and drove up on Saturday morning.

We saw, what I would consider, an unsighly amount of roadkill on the way up.  Many deer and raccoons in various stages of rigor mortus….its actually kind of unnerving to see all these animals because, ya know, hitting a deer is apparently a big deal and can really be a scary and dangerous experience.  These are the things you need to worry about while driving up north in Michigan.  That and the speed traps that the cop set up–GEEZE.

Saturday we stopped by a cherry tree orchard that was in full bloom.  I was also in full bloom.

Help...I'm Lost in a Cherry Field

Help...I'm Lost in a Cherry Field

Cherry Blossoms and Baby Bumps

Cherry Blossoms and Baby Bumps

We did a *very* small hike (only approx. 1.4 miles round trip) to Pyramid Point and it was a little challenging.  I am having major problems walking faster than a drunken child–but at least I did it!  It was also frigging COLD–and we were *NOT* dressed appropriately.  Standing at Sleeping Bear Dunes overlook with the wind whipping the sand in my face and eyes and the cold air chilling my toes was NOT fun.  Oh the things we do for love.   It was okay, though–because after all that rigorous exercise (HA!) we ate at Arts Tavern in Glen Arbor and nom nom nom was it good.  We topped it off with warm raspberry crumble and vanilla ice cream.   I swear–its like a little oasis of wonderful food in the middle of the tiniest cutest little town in Michigan.

We spend the night at the Sugar Beach resort in Traverse City.  Our plan was to not book ahead and just find a hotel–this worked mostly to our advantage as when we called SB, they only had suites left and they gave them to us at a discounted rate.  We had a giant room with a king bed and then a child’s room attached to our room that had a bunk bed in the shape of an elephant.  I’m not really sure how else to explain this–but know that I RARELY sleep well in hotel rooms and I slept through the night at Sugar Beach.  It was A-mazing.

Sunday brought another small hike to Empire Bluffs (this one was 1.5 miles roundtrip) where Lars took a photo of me and my baby bump overlooking the dunes of Sleeping Bear. This is the “release” photo of “Meggo is Preggo” on his photo blog.  We shall see if this makes his viewership spike or plummet.

Meggo is Preggo (and at Empire Bluffs)

Meggo is Preggo (and at Empire Bluffs)

Drove back to Ann Arbor and made it home by about 6:30pm tonight.  Am v tired and watching some basketball now.  Part of me wants the Celtics to lose because I harbor some strange anger towards them….but part of me wants them to win so that LeBron James can destroy them when they play the Cavaliers.  Part of me just doesn’t care but is happy to watch sports of high intensity where I can multi-task and watch TV at the same time.

Back to work tomorrow and then to San Diego on Thursday!!!

29 Weeks (Otherwise Known as 11 More To Go)

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

I don’t have much to report this week other than I am suffering very much from insomnia.  I fall asleep just fine but wake up every night from about 1am-4am.  I think this three hour lapse isn’t enough to make me totally loopy–its just really frustrating.  Mainly because I know sleep will be a thing of the past in the not too distant future.

Its been just gorgeous here in Ann Arbor–even the thunderstorms are fantastic!  Lars and I went walking in the Arb on Saturday and a family was kind enough to take our photograph near these beautiful blooming trees.  We took their family, in turn–Lars wants to know if they know they were getting photographed by a “world-renowned” photographer.  We should have showed them the photo and then charged them for it or threatened deletion.  You gotta be cutthroat in the artworld, amiright?

Family Portrait at 29 Weeks

Family Portrait at 29 Weeks


Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

In our infant care class tonight we learned many things–including possibly thinking about switching from disposable diapers to cloth diapers (or a combination of both!).  

Moment of fail happened when Lars went to pass the sample cloth diaper to the couple next to us and accidentally (accidentally?) kneeled on our fake baby dolls face and smooshed it.

State of Mind

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

this kid is doomed.  we are going to an infant care class tonight and, while I don’t think you get a grade, i still think we’ll fail out. 

Megan says:  I am going to be the preggo woman in the pregnancy class drinking jolt cola.  I am soooo tired.  i guess it will prepare me for motherhood….multitaksing on important issues and having no sleep

Megan says: …..hello where is my vote of confidence

lars says:  you will excel at parenthood

Megan says:  do you mean accel? or excel?

lars says:  you will accel if you use an excel spreadsheet to track everything

Megan says:  don’t you like google documents better?

Megan says: I mean, how does this figure into parenting?l

lars says:  you’ll learn that tonight

Tulips and Tummies

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

I know–you get nothing for so long and then two posts back to back with pictures of my burgeoning belly.   It was just too beautiful a weekend to not be outside–and when we’re outside, Lars has his camera.  I can usually bamboozle my way into a couple of shots.

In front of the Michigan Bell Tower

In front of the Michigan Bell Tower

Artsy Smartsy Fartsty

Artsy Smartsy Fartsty