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Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Time to pony up and drink the bright orange concoction that will determine gestational diabetes.  I have had much good advice on this but most notably, I’ve been chilling it overnight so that I don’t have to drink it lukewarm.

Also, apparently I’m in the third trimester now?  I am 27 weeks.  This came to me as I was reading a book and I had totally lost track of time in weeks and just thought in terms of months and was then like “OH NOES I’M OUT OF THE FUN TRIMESTER”.  To celebrate the last trimester of BBJ’s gestation, I should drink my GD concoction in a champagne flute.

Also–BBJ is apparently the size of a cauliflower head (or two pounds).  I can believe it with the kicks I’m getting.   Was having a meeting yesterday and he literally kicked me near my ribs in an area that took my breath away.  A co-worker thinks he must have hit a nerve.  Boy I hope there are more of those!

[UPDATE] I am “normal” and “not anemic”.  Apparently the two are not mutually exclusive.

[UPDATE v.2] Also, I am going to say the third trimester begins at 28 weeks.  I read somewhere on the eeeenternet that it began at 27 weeks but most of the reliable sources say its 28.  Time to live it up the next couple of days.  Woohooo!  I’ll totally start being a better parent at 28 weeks.

Baby Toys–Jensen Family Style.

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

Yesterday, I was finishing up the giant “family-style” box of Special K (with strawberries!) of which I go through, oh, two a week…I eat a lot of Special K.  Anyway, Lars seemed very anxious to have the box that the cereal was housed in and I was like “wtf”.  Apparently he is going to be storing cereal boxes and toilet paper roles so that BBJ, in his mentally advanced infancy, can use said mediums to build robots.   Lars thinks we do not need to get BBJ toys as a result that he can make his own! Pretty Amish of us but I seriously doubt the Amish are making toys out of Special K Boxes and Toilet Rolls…

I believe he said he heard about this on NPR.  Of course he heard about it on NPR–what other information source would give him such an eco-friendly yet totally weird idea.  Oh, and BBJ’s going to have to learn to master and abascus before we ever let him NEAR a computer. He could meet some baby girl online and lord knows no good comes of meeting people online.

I’ve made muffins this morning and run the dishwasher.  Its 9:23am.  I’d say I’m done for the day.

The Eternal Optimist

Friday, April 17th, 2009

Its only 11:17pm EST as I write this–but I am going to be optimistic and claim that TONIGHT (a whopping 11 games into the 2009 baseball season) the Padres will sit a-top the NL West Heap at 8-3 as I predict the Stinky Dodgers will fall to the Rockies, knocking them off the previously shared throne, if only for a day.

Will this year be the year?  Will we prevail?!  When we make our way to San Diego in May, we’re going to the Padres v. Cubs game on Friday night.  Can’t wait–haven’t been to a beisbol game in ages.  I can’t wait for BBJ to sport his enforced San Diego pride with all the sports-team onesies I am aiming to dress him in.

Yikes–did I turn into a soccer mom when no one was looking?  Shit.  Where’s my minivan?

[EDIT] Dammit all.

[EDIT v. 2] Double dammit all. In the words of my friend Nick, “There is no substitute for a big payroll”…Dodgers are probably good but I need to wear this chip on my shoulder proudly whenever the Padres are down.  

What. A. Week.

Friday, April 17th, 2009

I am over-stimulated. 

Now, I am all for Obama and his crazy ways–but this stimulus bill is driving me bonkers.  Truly, we have way too many grants due and such little time to get them in.  I know we will get them done because we always do but I am about to jump out my window.  Granted, I live on the ground floor and my window is floor-length–but I will do it for dramatic gesture none-the-less!

We also had our first annual grantee meeting for a new project at work on Weds/Thurs which went off super well.  I am loving everyone involved in the project–they’re all very interesting good people and the subject matter (disparities in diabetes) is pretty interesting!  It was totally an energy suck, though.  I am so looking forward to the weekend and leaving work behind me…

Baby is kicking a lot these days.  He is feisty and sassy.  Except when Lars puts his hand on my belly.  Here is how this scenario usually plays out:


…lars puts hand on belly…


<lars> no.

…lars presses down a little harder on belly.

<ME> OW. 

If not for the ultrasound, you’d think he would be suspicious of me gaining all this weight with no indication of baby.  I think the true key for me being pregnant is that I haven’t had any wine/beer/alcoholic concoctions…let’s be honest, here.  I mainly say this because BOY did I want a beer this week. 

Time to go worship the sunshine!

Its a Bird; Its a Plane; Its Baby Boy Jensen!

Monday, April 13th, 2009

Everytime Lars speaks with an endearing tone towards BBJ, he’s flying through the air.  I have three (3!) examples of this.  I actually have four–but I can’t remember the last one, so I’ll go with what I’ve got.

  • The changing table is a little unstable.  Lars told me that we should be careful while changing his diaper so that we don’t catapult him through the air–but that we should at least wait until his head muscles get a little stronger until we do it on purpose.
  • There’s some abstract art sculpture near the UM Art Museum.  Apparently, Lars cannot wait to teach Lars how to use it as a bike ramp.
  • We have a school park behind our condo and Lars mentioned how he was excited to put BBJ on the swings.  He briefly mumbled something about there not being a “baby swing” on the sets behind us–but that it would be totally okay for BBJ to fly through the air.

Now, I have my moments, too-today I went to work in black pants with a belly band.  I felt like I was looking pretty good–until halfway through the day I looked down and realized there was a hole in my crotch AND I was wearing red cotton underwear.  Heavens to Betsy!  Apparently I’m a little exhibitionist.  TG the Belly Band can be fitted to cover these embarrassing mishaps.   Oy.

A hop, skip, jump and a twirl…

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

At least that’s what it FEELS like BBJ is doing in there.  He must be totally digging the new stereos that we’ve strategically placed around the house and have been on constantly since we’ve assembled them.  Kristen told me that the only thing that kept her feeling like an adult when she was staying home and being with Ryder was NPR–so we’ll have to try that approach.  Even though I giggle the most at the Car Talk guy’s jokes involving bodily functions…so, not sure if the adult approach there will work for me.  It will just have to be an experiment.

We had an excellent Spring weekend–and trust me, it felt like SPRING.    Friday evening I got most of our “Easter” dinner all prepped so that I wouldn’t have to work too hard on Saturday when Lars’ mom and co. came over to eat.  This was good because we woke up on Saturday to one of the most beautiful days we had seen in a long while….

We took a nice drive out to IKEA (our third trip there in 7 days!) to get the finishing touches to BBJ’s room.  Lars went apesh*t when we were there last Tuesday evening and they didn’t have the child’s rug that he wanted.  I mean, can you even imagine Lars mildly angry?  So when I say he went apesh*t he shook his fist with fervor!  He had been checking inventory at the store the rest of the week–we woke up on Saturday and it was the first thing he did and finally it said they had some in stock.  Apparently this constituted running to IKEA before anyone else could get our precious rug.  It paid off, though–and I don’t think we’ll be going to IKEA again anytime soon.  Or at least 7 more days. Lars’ mom (bless her) offered to sew us some of the detailed things that I just don’t know how to do–curtains, a baby bumper, etc.  This baby is going to be rocking out in style in his little room.

After the trip to IKEA we ventured to the currently-being-remodeled Michigan Stadium where the Michigan Team was having a scrimmage.   Bright sunny day–AND our QB doesn’t look too shabby.  Plus he’s from (wait for it…) San Diego!  So I am feeling a little hometown pride and connection with the new guy.

Last night after Easter Dinner Lars and I decided to celebrate the resurrection by watching “Religulous”…Bill Maher’s documentary on Religion.  I made it about 1 hour in and then konked out….ended up going to be about 10:30pm on a Saturday Night and then sleeping the next morning on and off until 11:30am.   That’s right, my friends…13 hours.  That is a luxury that will very soon be gone–but I have to think that I NEVER did that before being pregnant so I must have really needed it, right?  Anyway.

Lars and I took a nice long walk (6 miles!) this afternoon.  Truly it was friggin beautiful outside.  I think I even got color on my cheeks AND I had to wear sunglasses.  Six miles was a little tiring but I felt very good after getting home–of course, I did just dig my own grave as Lars now knows I have the endurance to walk long distances…

So that’s the play by play action for the weekend.  It was very nice, relaxing, and peaceful. I’ve settled into bed and am getting ready for the long week ahead but I feel like I’ve done good by a promise to take care of myself and be conscientious of my own limitations.

Grocery Store Adventures

Friday, April 10th, 2009

We’re hosting Easter at our house tomorrow with Lars’ mom, stepdad, great-aunt and grandma.  Let me tell you, it is going to be a raucous party that you are all super jealous to be missing. I even have Easter M & M’s out–talk about festive!

Anyway, I went to the grocery store tonight to get some key ingredients for Easter Spaghetti (THAT’S RIGHT.  SPAGHETTI.  HOMEY DON’T PLAY THE EASTER HAM/LAMB GAME).    One of the ingredients in the sauce is a couple of glugs of red wine–which we really haven’t had around the house for awhile.  So, I go to Trader Joe’s for a potpourri of items including red wine for the sauce  Keep in mind–I am visibly pregnant at this point.  All of a sudden a wave of insecurity washed over me and I was like “OH NOES.  PEOPLE ARE GOING TO THINK I’M HITTING THE BOTTLE AND PREGGO”.  I seriously debated calling Lars and telling him he needed to get the wine–but that would mean I couldn’t make the spaghetti sauce unti late tonight.  So, I sucked it up–went to the check out line–bought my wine (was carded, btw) and walked right on out of there.    Eff you judgmental people in my paranoid head.  I’m not drinking this wine and even if I was–what’s it to you!?

Saucy, right?  Yeah, I’m just tired.

Fun Pregnancy Fact of the Day

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Even maternity jeans are tight after just having been washed.  Jerks.

A Lesson in “What Not to Watch On TV While Pregnant”

Sunday, April 5th, 2009

Lars and I were flipping through the channels today (unlike Eeks, we have more than one channel, TG!), but honestly, today we really could have done with not watching TV at all.  I happened across a show on TLC which is usually pretty quality.  I mean, hello, this is the network that birthed “Trading Spaces” my all-time favorite decorating show.  ANYHOO…I see a baby on the TV and I think “OOH BABY SHOW” and I settle down to watch.  However, this was not an ordinary baby show. ..

This show was called “I DIDN’T KNOW I WAS PREGNANT‘ and we happened to tune into the episode where the woman who doesn’t know she’s 38 weeks pregnant gives birth in the port-a-potty at a dirty campground.  She doesn’t realize she’s pregnant until the baby girl falls onto the cement ground and she’s screaming for her boyfriend because she just gave birth and, as the title elaborates, didn’t know she was pregnant.  AAAAH TRAUMA.   I mean, I know I am pregnant and this is still terrifying for me to watch.  Gah my eyes.

Beta Nursery

Sunday, April 5th, 2009

Well, we’ve got a beta version of the nursery up and running.  It took awhile, but Lars and I agreed on a “decor”–and while we don’t have everything in set, its starting to come together pretty nicely.  What used to be our “giant storage closet” (ie, the second bedroom) is now BBJ’s little room.  Its so crazy to put together a crib and realize there’s going to be a baby (a BABY!) in there in a few short (SHORT!) months.  I’ve taken a couple of photos of baby nursery version 1.0….we’ve kept the full bed that was in the guest room in case people still want to spend the night with us and our (most-likely) screaming child.

Baby's Crib

Baby's Crib

...and another vantage point.

...and another vantage point.

I do know that when babies are infants they aren’t supposed to sleep with anything in their crib, so it will really be all white in that room–kind of like we’re committing him (we’ll have to see if that does any permanent damage when he’s an adult in therapy) but we’ll keep it as is for decor purposes until then.

Lars did a really fantastic job assembling and modifying all the IKEA furniture, which is truly no easy task.  He bought the changing table top and started sawing it off to make it fit our current dresser.  Lovely.  We still need to get a rug, chair and some decor for the walls….the very barren walls.