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Oh screw it. I give up.

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Here’s a picture of me and BBJ at 23 weeks.

23 Weeks and Sassy

23 Weeks and Sassy

Do you like our fancy table settings?  We had people over for dinner and the condo has never looked so nice! My mom made chicken enchiladas, spanish rice and a mexican salad.  Our friend Minal brought crumb cake and strawberries for dessert.  Can’t tell if I’m gaining weight because of baby or because of all the amazing food that I’ve been eating these past couple of days.  Ugh.

My mom was in town for a really brief period and she brought with her the most amazing little gift for BBJ!  I’ve put a photo below where I truly *AM* cheating or at least chanelling my inner-Wilson circa the epic 1990s sitcom, Home Improvement.

Quilt for BBJ from Nonna Laver

Quilt for BBJ from Nonna Laver

God, friggin Lars is so much taller than me!

A Song To Dance To; Metric-Gimmy Sympathy

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

This song is so catchy and fun and it just makes me want to dance! We’ve listened to most of the album on myspace and its just so happy and poppy. Loves it.

I love finding new music. I don’t suppose I’m “finding” this band and its a huge secret but its the first time listening for me and I can’t help putting on repeat and sharing.

Signs of Spring; Signs of Baby

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

I know I said that the first “real” sign of spring was the opening of the Dairy Queen on Packard, but just saw these in our courtyard and it was one of the most beautiful sights ever.  These are literally the first flowers I’ve seen break through in 2009.  It would bring a grown man to tears.  In fact, Lars is crying right now.  (Although, I think he is crying out of sadness because the ice is melting.  Freak.).

Signs of Spring

Also, I was told by someone that I cheated when I posted the photo of me on the rock in Garden of the Gods, as I was allegedly “a mile away”.  Hopefully the below will suffice.

22 Weeks Self Portrait Con Chiquito Bebe

22 Weeks Self Portrait Con Chiquito Bebe

Lars took a couple others and I thought they were horrible which is why I’m flipping him off in most of them.  He is going to have to work on finding out a way to make me look excellent and trim while pregnant.  Until then, I think y’all are going to get photos where the camera is in my face and I’m taking a picture in the hall mirror.  Psshhh.

For good measure–here’s a picture of Lars assembling our adorable new Ikea crib!

Lars Assembling Baby's Crib...

Lars Assembling Baby's Crib...

And another for good measure...

And another for good measure...

The Only Real Remedy for Being Sick: Mom’s Chicken Tortilla Soup

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

My mom is in town visiting–we have big plans and its important that I’m semi-conscious for most of the weekend!  This morning, after not sleeping all week and just feeling like a disaster, I feel pretty good.  I can only attribute this to the homemade chicken tortilla soup that went down last night.  Nom nom nom it was soooo good.

Today we are off to the 12 Oaks Mall in Novi to look for some clothes since nothing fits.  Particularly interested in getting a bra that fits.  Sigh.

So Sick. So Tired. So Tired of Being Sick and Sick of Being Tired.

Friday, March 27th, 2009

Am finding that one of the true un-joys of being pregnant is being sick.  Not sure if I have allergies or just the common cold but whatever it is, its horrible and it hasn’t gone away since Monday.  I feel like the walking dead.  I probably look like it, too.

Called the nurse practitioner at my doctor’s office and she told me I could take Sudafed per box instructions when I said I wasn’t feeling well.  Then talked to an allergist at work and he said I really shouldn’t be taking sudafed…try not to take anything but if I must, take Benadryl.  I’ve been going the “taking nothing” route but I wonder if lack of sleep and good cognitive thought is good for baby and me in the long run.  With no signs of getting better, I’m kind of at a loss.

“Your Baby is the Size of a Plum As Big as an Avocado That’s as Long as a Carrot”

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

So–after a long discussion with the fine students in the UMICH MPH program and a guy who just recently had a baby in the office, it was decided that BBJ is “the size of a plum that’s as big as an avocado and as long as a carrot”.   This helps me out not much–but I have noticed the usage of vegetables and fruits to describe how big baby should be at varying stages.  Its kind of weird though–because is there really that much consistency in fruits that I should be able to hold up a plum and be like “a-ha!”.

Baby is about 11 oz (or was at the ultrasound last week–we don’t know what he is now).  That’s a little on the “big” side.  One of the fine individuals who helped out with my fruit-size-assessment said “Megan, you are going to have a BIG baby.  11 oz is big for 21 weeks!”  She then proceeded to point to a picture of Lars framed on my shelf and said “need I say more”?  But Lars was only 7 and something odd pounds when he was born!  I should say that this individual is also on leave from medical school (from a UC!) to get her MPH–so maybe she knows what she’s talking about?

In any case–we got our first really neat profile photo today and Baby is just too cute for words. Look at his huge forehead!  That means he’s got a big brain, right?  He’s going to be smart and big.  Like Andre the Giant.

Baby Boy Jensen FINALLY Cooperates For a Nice Picture

Baby Boy Jensen FINALLY Cooperates For a Nice Picture

So–we had a male ultrasound tech and he was so so nice and was really explaining everything as he went along.  However, I do find it a little odd that we got a ton of profile shots and then one lone photo of baby’s privates.  Nothing else–just his head (approx 10 photos) and his wee (1 photo).  I wonder if he thought we needed reassurance or we needed to cash in on a baby gender office pool.  I’ve got more important things to do–like figure out how in the hell the NCAA bracket works.

Go Blue!  You did me proud with a win over No. 7 ranked Clemson tonight.   You’ll probably be playing Oklahoma next and I know you can beat those posers.   Don’t do it for me.  Do it for the baby.

EDIT: I just did some extreme internet research and BBJ is totally on target for weight.  GEEZE.  That’s the last time I trust an MPH student to diagnose my medical problems.  THANKS JAMIE.

healthy, wealthy & wise (…well, 1 out of 3 ain’t so bad)

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

As an update to this post, we went in for our third fetal scan today and baby was just fine.  He’s just so cute!  We got the best profile shot–you could see his little nose and his proportionately large head.  Adorable.  Not so adorable was the front face shot which just looked like a skull with giant eye sockets.  That was scary! 

Now–onward to worrying about parenting skillz. 

After playing with Ryder in Denver, Lars has come to the conclusion that there is no way BBJ will not be an “x-treme” baby.  I’m not really sure what this means or how he’s going to make it happen–but I do know I will probably die of a heart attack or worry as a result.  God.   This conclusion was reached as Lars was pushing Ryder in the BOB and just letting him roll down hills hands-free.  Ugh.

To BOB or Not to BOB

Monday, March 16th, 2009

This was a big weekend for us in terms of our stroller of choice.  While we had already semi-made up our decision to go with the BOB for our stroller, we got to try it out in action with our nephew Ryder on the Denver City Park Golf Course.  Ryder lives half a block from the golf course–we we took it on bumpy terrain as well as sidewalks.  He was out like a light on both of our 2.5 mile walks–and never woke up even when we “off-roaded” a bit.  It was VERY easy to maneuver and seemed comfy for the little guy.   The fact that you can buy an infant car seat adapter really sealed the deal.

Exhibit A:

The BOB proves itself a winner among its most scrutinizing of critics.

The BOB proves itself a winner among its most scrutinizing of critics.

Exhibit B (this is really just to prove that I’m pregnant or just hit up the Ben & Jerry’s a little too often…a little of column “a”; a little of column “b”…):

Preggo Fantastico

Preggo Fantastico

As for the rest of the trip—we had a great time.  A trip to Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, a trip to Boulder to visit my uncle Rich, and lots and lots of time playing with Ryder.  If we are lucky enough to get a kid this fantastic, we’ll be in good shape.  I’m sure the fact that his parents are intelligent, awesome, and pretty much amazing in every way possible parents can be doesn’t hurt.  Lars and I just aspire to keep BBJ out of jail.  Setting the bar low…

Evidence of Things Unseen

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Well.  Either Baby Boy Jensen is a total attention whore and just LOVES all the pomp and circumstance surrounded by a fetal scan OR he is very shy and doesn’t like being in the limelight one bit.

Today marks our second full fetal scan–they couldn’t read the heart measurements last time so they sent us back for this visit thinking we would get a better reading.  Alas, BBJ was essentially standing on his head with his feet all flailing around up near the northern end of his living space and he was facing my back.  This made for a nice reading of the spine, and the top of his head–but the rest of him, not so much.  Our poor ultrasound tech kept saying “come on baby–move around a little.  come on baby!”   Then she started poking me with the ultrasound sensor to get him to move a bit but he is a stubborn lad.   She called in the doctor because she wanted her to check out the ultrasound images herself.

Then the doctor comes in and says she is going to try us on a different ultrasound machine because sometimes there are slight differences.  So me and my “warm-gel” laden belly walk to the next room with my shirt carefully lifted so everyone can see the glory that is my bare stomach.  She then proceeds to poke at me for approximately 40 minutes (this woman TRIED SO HARD).  Alas, baby did start to move but it was to a worse location.  We kept trying for a profile shot but my hip bone kept getting in the way.  Damn hip bones. Who needs a pelvic floor anyway?

So–we are going in for our THIRD fetal scan next week. Still couldn’t get the readings on the heart or the profile of the face.  We did get a little unnerving news regarding a cyst on baby’s brain.   The doctor said she truly thought it was nothing to be worried about but it was a “soft marker” for Trisomy 18.  From what she had seen of BBJ she thought he was fine but she had an obligation to tell us about the cyst, regardless.  We’ll find out more when we go back next Thursday to see if BBJ will cooperate and give us a profile photo and let us take better look at the heart chambers.  I wish I coud 100% say I was not worried–mostly because the doctor seemed relatively reassuring that her assessment was precautionary–but its still a little unnerving.   She said one of the key signs was really tight clenched fists–and BBJ was waving his hands around like a lil maniac.  We’re just going to hope all is well and try not to obsessively think about things we cannot control.

Ghosts of Cities Past

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

Detroit is an amazing city…and I don’t mean amazing in a way truly representative of things positive.  Going into the center of this city–seeing the decay of what was a considerably grand metropolis from such a relatively short time ago–well, it literally takes your breath away.


Detroit Central Station--Designed by the same architecture firm that built Grand Central Station in New York City

Lars and I went into downtown last Saturday to check out the Museum District–specifically to see an IMAX that was playing at the Science Center on the Great Lakes (we are IMAX FREAKS).   Lars documented a lot of the images on his webpage here:

And, just recently, I saw that my friend Jerry posted a photo-essay on Detroit that was featured in TIME Magazine.  Truly heartbreaking.,29307,1882089,00.html

I remember driving into Detroit going to a conference at the Renaissance Center last summer.  My boss was in the car with me and as we entered the city she said “This is what happens when you mix capitalism with racism”.  I’m still trying to wrap my head around what that means–the city has such a complex and fascinating history.  Unskilled labor that paid highly drew so many people from the South to Detroit with the invention of the automobile…the burgeoning racial tensions causing the riots of 1967 on 12th street (now, oddly named Rose Parks Blvd)…the white flight to the extremely wealthy suburbs…the absolutely corrupt mayor.  Its just heartbreaking.