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The End of a Fine Saturday and the Resurgence of MJF in My Life

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

Well–I survived my Saturday without Lars and did manage to get in a bit of shopping.  Nevermind that it was grocery shopping, but still–I was productive!  Small accomplishments that I think should not really be accomplishments at all but I’m going to count them as such today.  I also cooked dinner for tomorrow and planned out meals for the rest of the week.  Has anyone else noticed how not worrying about what you’re going to have for dinner takes a WHOLE heckofalot of stress out of your day?  I was over at my co-worker and friend Shelley’s house one evening and saw her list on the fridge–each day mapped out with a different dinner.  I marveled at it.  She also said she sought buy-in from her two boys and her husband so that they would feel ownership over the dinner, which is kind of genius so that they can’t whine about it.  When I ask Lars what he wants he usually just tells me “it doesn’t matter”–but so much of cooking is about making something that people will want and like to eat.  However, if Lars had his way, we’d eat BBQ Chicken Pizza and homemade macaroni and cheese every night.

I’m looking for something brainless and ridiculous to read.  Think John Grisham on Chick Lit–any recommendations?  My brain just can’t handle much more at this very moment.

Speaking of ways to entertain yourself–there’s a new rule in the Jensen household.  We don’t really buy a whole lot of DVDs to keep on hand in the house.  Sometimes I accidentally own DVDs from Blockbuster that I forget to return (think, Superbad and Disc 2 of the first season of 30 Rock).  Yikes.  We have a few select DVDs we have actively purchased.  Mine are:

Now–Lars was none too happy when I came home with Sense and Sensibility (damn you, Target, for catching me in an impulsive buying mood!) but when he saw TW/TWT he was like “oooooh”.  I mean, Teen Wolf is such a classic childhood movie of mine.  I can’t tell you how many times I rented it from the ABC Video store down the street from my parents’ house.  Its a wonder my parents didn’t just buy the damn thing for me.  This pashion for Teen Wolf only made Lars and I discover something we had in common–a love for all things Michael J. Fox.  Therefore, it was decreed that we were allowed to seek out and purchase any moving containing Michael J. Fox so that we could own the entire Michael J. Fox library.  Seriously, how can you not wait to watch Back to the Future with your children?  That movie is TIMELESS.  Here’s a little Huey Lewis put to Back to the Future to sassify the need I know all my blog readers most likely have at this very moment.

I hope to install in my children the same respect I had for all movies Michael J. Fox plus I hope they make me listen to the movie soundtrack like I made my parents on repeat from grades 1 through mmmm my senior year in high school

PS–When I watched “Family Ties” with a passion, my parents used to always tease me about how I only watched the show for MJF.  I, of course, was very coy and told them “NO–MY FAVORITE IS TINA YOTHERS”.  Seriously.  Who’s favorite was EVER Tina Yothers?

Free Reign!

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

I managed to bamboozle my husband out of hiking on ice in the Thumb–so he is off with a friend and I am home with free reign to do whatever I want. Here is what I want to do: sleep.

Oh, but perhaps I will go clothes shopping, too! I think it is a fundamental law that I have to spend money on frivolous things when Lars is away. I have to do *something* everyday to draw his anger.

Welcome to Crazy Town. I’ll be your Mayor.

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

There’s a little hardware store down the street from us called “Jack’s”.  They have a little billboard in front of their shop that advertises specials and whatnot.  Lately, though, its been expressing what so many of us are feeling here in the Great Lakes State:  “Give Back the Oscar, Al Gore”.   This is because its officially one of the top ten coldest winters in Michigan’s recorded history.  I guess that’s why they call it climate change?  The good news for some of us (Lars) is that the ice shelf on the Great Lakes is growing growing growing.  As Lars says, with extreme Lars enthusiasm in his voice “MAYBE THIS IS THE YEAR ONE OF THE GREAT LAKES TOTALLY FREEZES OVER!!!!”.  The bad news for some of us (Me) is that I feel like my husband is like a caged animal who is just storing up all this pent up energy set to release it on me on some marathon hike expedition in the UP.    I have a pretty good excuse this year to get out of it, though.

February and March pose major travel expeditions for Lars and I.  Well, not “major”–but certainly enough to wrack up some frequent flyer miles!  Actually–its really only me.  Lars is using his “alone time” to be one with the ice. Here is our agenda for the next couple of months:

Feb 13th-Feb 15th:  Megan visits ktull in Boston!

Feb 23rd-Feb 25th:  Megan to DC for some yawny work meeting.

Feb 28th-March 1st:  Megan back to DC for something infinitely more fun–a baby shower for Leslie!

March 13th-March 17th:  Megan to Denver for more baby-time action with nephew Ryder!

Ummm yeah, so you could make a case that 3/4 of my trips in the next month or so revolve around babies.  You know what, I’m okay with that.

Here are some fun photos from Ann Arbor on one of our recent expeditions around the city.

Dominic's--This is where we got on hot sticky summer days for pitchers of deliciosa pitchers of sangria served in jam jars and icy cold beer.  Mmmm Summer.

Dominic's--This is where we come on hot summer days for icy cold pitchers of sangria that you pour into jam jars and drink with reckless abandon. Then you walk home.

The University of Michigan Law Quad--Where Lawyering Gets Done.

The University of Michigan Law Quad--Where Lawyering Gets Done.

My Good Friend the Gargoyle

My Good Friend the Gargoyle

More of the University of Michigan Law Quad.

More of the University of Michigan Law Quad.

And now, after that valiant photo upload effort, I think I will go to sleep.  Good night.

I Am a Visionary…Of Things Unseen.

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

I have been having lots of vision problems, lately.  I mean, I can see just fine and I don’t strain when I read or anything–but its like my brain isn’t functioning properly and I’m hallucinating!  I have three case examples.

Case 1:  Lars and I are driving along Huron River Drive–we come across a grassy section to the side of the road with some little black blobs spreckled about…

[me]  DUCKS!

[lars] ….that’s a pile of rocks.

Case 2:  We’re driving home from work along Packard and its kind of snowing outside.  Lars has the windshild wipers going and I’m just kind of ho humming in the passenger seat.

[me]  That car in front of us should really turn on its headlights.

[lars]  There’s a car in front of us?

[me]  Oh…I guess not.

Case 3:  We are looking at photos online that our friend Kai took at Ross School of Business. We come across one that isn’t real abstract–but it is done in an artsy fartsy way.

[me] Ooooh Harman Kardan sound sticks!

[Lars] That’s a clarinet…

Can someone please diagnose me?  I could just be tired.

Chasing the Dream

Monday, January 19th, 2009

As many of you may know, Lars is an avid hiker who enjoys putting his life in x-treme situations–like cross country skiing in the arb in sub zero weather. X-treme!

Well, recently, some dude who is also a photographer (except he makes money and a career by doing it) found his website and asked Lars if he would be interested in taking him up to the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore (PIRO!) so that Lars could model things for Northface, Columbia, Patagonia, etc. He didn’t have a contract with them–but he takes photos and then tries to sell them to these places…or at least I think that is how it works. Seems a little sketchy to me, right? Go up into the frozen woods with random guy who is like “here I’ll take your picture in this awesomely remote area–back up a little–oooh sorry didn’t tell you about that cliff right there”. Anyway.

Herein lies my question:

Before you answer–here is a headshot shot from his modeling portfolio:
Lars' Impersonation of Me

This could change everything!

Being Productive

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

There are certain levels of productivity in this world–and we can judge people for how productive they are by their end product,  or we can judge them for the effort they put into making something happen.  I give you two instances of this today.

Lars spent most of today doing a thankless job–cleaning out the spare bedroom and moving around the furniture within it.  Now, keep in mind, the spare bedroom is generally more of our giant storage closet rather than a spare bedroom.  We move things around when people come to stay with us but generally its a black hole/hockey storage facility.

I, on the other hand, made cupcakes.  I ask you, who was more productive?

Was inspired to make cupcakes by a fabulous new cupcake calendar I received from the Waldos for my B-Day.  Hooray for staring at frosting-topped goodness every day of the year!

Food Blogging

Sunday, January 11th, 2009

So I’m going to start blogging about food.  Food that I cook, that is–and maybe food that I eat and really enjoy.  I know you’d all really like to see pictures of my veggie delite subway sandwich posted everyday right after lunch, right?

ANYWAY–I’ll try and post hits and misses.  But, let’s be honest–there will be no misses.

On today’s menu was a new challenge.  I woke up this morning thinking “Chicken Pot Pie”–but the recipe I wanted to try required buying ramikins and I just didn’t have the energy to do this (nor the desire to explain to Lars why I was going to buy more things for our already over-stuffed kitchen!).  After flipping through a couple of my cookbooks, I settled on a comfy dish that I remembered my mom making from when we were kids–Chicken Divine.  Essentially, a casserole with shredded roasted chicken, brocoli, and a cream sauce.  Sprinkled with bread crumbs–its anybody who lives in a sub-freezing environment’s dream winter dinner.

I have to say, one of the reasons I went with Chicken Divine (which truly isn’t THAT different than Chicken Pot Pie in essence) is because I needed to conquer my fear of the pre-roasted chickens at the supermarket.  So many of the recipes that I would like to make calls for the shredding of roasted chicken meat.  I’m not very good at handling meat and especially when its still kind of in the shape of the animal it used to be.  🙁

Awww–there’s nothing quite like having dinner done on a snowy night and watching football wrapped in a blanket.  Am waiting for Lars to get home from his hockey game and, if he has any teeth left, we’ll dig in a bit later.

Evil Pop Tarts

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Lars’ pop tart burned my finger this morning.  That’s not a euphemism for anything–its to be taken literally.

And I’m talking there is a giant blister on the tip of my right hand index finger.  And it hurts.  Like a mutha. 

I tried getting it out of the toaster for him and failed when the hot frosting viciously attacked my finger tip in what I can only assume was a self-defense move in an attempt not to get eaten.  Many expletives were shouted. 

And to top it all off–Lars said “those are not very good pop tarts, anyway“.  Bastards!

Changing Names

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

Yesterday, I officially changed my name.   I am now Megan Elizabeth Jensen (at least where the US Government is concerned–I still need to change my credit cards and drivers license!).  I had thought for awhile that I would go with Megan Laver Jensen and eliminate “Elizabeth” completely.  At the last minute, though–I just decided to go “balls to the wall” with the name change.  I’m oddly ambivalent about it.  I’m becoming more and more stoic in my old age.