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Saturday, September 27th, 2008

Today we depart for San Diego.  This is not a totally abnormal thing , since I live in Michigan and my family is all in San Diego.  However, in this particular instance of departure we are leaving for a full month and we are going to be coming back to Michigan as a married couple.  WEIRD.  Its been so busy this past week that its actually been a little bit difficult to process how huge this is–I mean, maybe if I had had a quincinera or a bat mitzvah it would be different but it feels like a rite of passage.  I mean, at 28, I probably still have the mental mindset of a 13 or 15 year old…and especially in all things wedding.

Lars and I have been engaged since September 15th, 2007.  This gave us about a year to plan the wedding, which was a good amount of time.  The last month has a momentum I’ve never experienced before–it always seemed so far away and now all of a sudden every day seems like a blink and it just keeps getting closer and closer.  Like impending doom…but in a good way, no?

Blogging the Debates. WTF.

Friday, September 26th, 2008

9:05pm: Does it seem a little weird that it was McCain who mentioned Kennedy being in the hospital? I didn’t even know he was IN the hospital. Then I googled it and it turns out he was released prior to the debate. HAHA no pity points for you McCain!!!

9:31pm: I like Jim Lehrer, but I like Tim Russert better. I know that all the different news mediums generally get their own moderator but watching this debate makes me miss Tim. I also think its a little weird that Jim Lehrer keeps trying to get the candidates to talk directly to one another. Are they supposed to make eye contact? Minus 2 points.

9:36pm: Did McCain just confuse “deceased” with “doctors”? I think so 🙁 If McCain has fought against excessive spending his entire career (and he’s been in the senate a pretty long time) he’s been pretty unsuccessful….mental segue: did Barack just say “ORGY”?!….

9:39pm: McCain says “You cannot have a failed strategy that will have you lose a conflict”. What in the hell does that mean? He is talking about troops coming home as victorious with a stable democratic ally in Iraq. Didn’t he also say we were going to be in Iraq for like 100 years? You won’t be the only who’s dead by then, McCain.

9:44pm: Obama: “John, you like to pretend like the war started in 2007!” ZING!

9:47pm: Obama seems to be on the offensive in this debate. Not too big of a surprise but I’m still glad to see it. I kind of hate seeing McCain in a debate because it makes me sad. Then I think about how crappy the country will be if he wins and think “CRUSH HIM. KILL HIM.”

9:57pm: Invoking Reagan. Vomit. Also vomit-esque is talking about mother’s talking about their dead sons and giving McCain memorabilia like bracelets as a political ploy. Who doesn’t weigh American lives when they send their kids to war. Oh wait–George W. Bush and the Republican Party.

10pm: Obama: “Jim, I’ve got a bracelet, too…” ZING . He says Taliban like Arnold says California.

10:05pm: I gotta stop blogging the debates. I’m too tired to process this with wit as evidenced by the lack of above.