» about this guide
Before you read this guide, I think it is important that you understand my perspective. I like panoramic views, getting off the beaten path, and generally not the normal tourist things, such as going on the cruise along the cliffs. If you are going to do some hiking, one thing to realize about Pictured Rocks is that there are a lot of woods. While I like trees, there is nothing much more interesting about hiking through the woods at Pictured Rocks than there is about hiking through the woods 100 feet from my house. So, I don't go there for that, I go there to see the unique things the park has to offer, such as the cliffs, dunes, waterfalls, and lakeshore. Some of these things are easy to reach, some aren't. The point of this guide is to let you know what you can see and how far you need to hike so you can maximize your time there.

» about pictured rocks
Pictured Rocks is the only shoreline of Lake Superior that is preserved as a "National Lakeshore" in Michigan. It consists of lakeshore cliffs reaching almost 200 feet in height, dune bluffs reaching nearly 300 feet above the lake, lighthouses, shipwrecks, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, and a variety of beaches on Lake Superior.

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